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Not everything that happens in class has to feed the unit or fit the level. As teachers, we need to allow our learners to encounter spontaneity and chance in class.


That’s What’s Up!

This activity is designed for high intermediate to advanced adolescents and adults to (1) increase their exposure to phrasal verbs with the particle “up” and (2) to provide repetitive, contextualized practice with these phrasal verbs.


Describing Your Work Experience

“We Mean Business” gives busy Business English trainers ready-to-use videos and accompanying exercises inspired by the professional world. These activities help business people learn to…


A Focus On Breathing

by Ellis Van Maarseeven Breathing is not something most people have to think about, let alone learn about. However, for performers breathing is a technique that needs to be acquired...


Cultural Capital

What is the Banking Model? Imagine an empty vessel and someone pouring knowledge into this vessel. The ‘active’ elements of this image are the person pouring this knowledge (the teacher) and the knowledge itself. The ‘static’ element is…


Playing With Colors

by Vivian Wang  Students need to do more than acquire information. We should encourage students to think deeply and assess information comprehensively, even when they are young. Have you noticed...


Learning to Play with Stories

I believe that learners of all ages are curious, spontaneous, and confident when they are engaged in playing while learning. Students that have enjoyed learning English through play will certainly be able to do…


Giving Good Gifts

Sharing our stories around a table, class, or campfire is always a good thing do to. No matter where we share our stories, telling them and hearing…