Most teachers and educators would agree that reading in a second language has many benefits. It is also widely agreed that developing good reading habits and skills can help to improve a learner’s writing ability too. Research has shown that when learners read extensively they become better at writing. Of course, choosing the right kinds of reading materials is very important. Offering students a wide selection of reading materials that is relevant and interesting to them will certainly encourage them to read more.

How does reading help students to become better writers? First, reading can certainly help to build vocabulary knowledge and general subject knowledge. Reading a variety of genres can also help learners understand the structure of texts. It can also give them access to language they can use in their own writings.

This issue’s downloadable activity is a fun exercise and reading that will help your learners understand the basics of how a paragraph is typically structured. It is a particularly fun way for learners to identify a topic sentence and how it identifies the main idea of the paragraph. I hope you’ll give it a try.


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