Strategies and Specific Techniques to Manage TEFL Challenges

Teachers of English in Belarus will remember the last week of January 2018 as our professional festival. More than 420 teachers came to listen to Christopher Graham, a prominent teacher trainer from the U.K. brought to Belarus by Gallery Teachers. The workshop ¬ęStrategies and Specific Techniques to Manage TEFL Challenges”, which was administered by the Institute of IT&Business Administration (Institute IBA), addressed such nagging challenges of teaching English as differentiation in ELT and motivating teenage and young adult students. When organising this event, we made a point of brining the workshop over to small localities, where teachers are deprived of the opportunity to meet native speakers and participate in regular professional workshops that are held in the capital.

We were happy to see that our plan worked very well. We did reach the teachers in towns and villages and they came to listen to Christopher Graham on their weekend. Some people travelled as far as sixty kilometres to attend the event. Obviously, it was not only the pedagogical know-how that attracted teachers. The magnet was in the spirit of the event. It was a feeling that we, teachers of English, are capable to making things happen. It was the feeling of belonging to the global community represented by Gallery Teachers. Seeing inspired faces, hearing words of gratitude, was the supreme reward for us, organisers. Now we are planning new projects and events.

Now it’s time to give credit to all who made this workshop happen

Giovanni Rottura, CEO, Gallery Teachers,

Vladimir Dyubkov, Chancellor and Olga Smorshkova, Heard of Marketing Department, Institute of IT&Business Administration (Institute IBA), the institution that administered the event and hosted the workshop in Minsk;

Yury Stulov, Chair, and Valentina Holubeva, Board Member, the Belarusian National Association of Teachers of English and (BelNATE)

T.Polushkina, Headteacher of Polotsk College, Valentina Bogatyriva, Vice-Rector of Vitsebsk State Masherov University, Svetlana Shikova, the coordinator of the project in Polotsk, and also the staff and the students and the teachers of music, who played for us.

Nikolai Zelenkevich, Principal of the Lyseum of Borisov, its administration and the staff, and Tanya Ibraghimova, teacher of English, the coordinator of the project in Borisov,

Andrei Volkov, Head of the Education Department of the Borisov Disrict Executive Committee local authority, who supported the project and expressed interest in further cooperation with Gallery Teachers.

Special thanks to Christopher Graham, whose profound knowledge of TEFL theory and practice, sparkling sense of humour and openness made the participants feel at ease and enjoy the four hour’s workshop.

Last but not least, we appreciate the support of EFL Magazine, Oxford International, KKCL School of English, and Millfield School.


Maya Doronina wrote on Facebook:
“Huge thanks to the organizers of today’s event in Polotsk! The atmosphere of the workshop and of the whole place in general was amazing! Not only were we impressed by the orator himself but by the warm reception of the hosts (Svetlana Shikova and her friendly team!) and live music performed by the college teachers of music.”