The Young Talent Festival is Here. All the world’s a stage, and that stage is coming to Harrow…

We are collaborating with budding musical prodigies and arts industry figures to create the most exciting celebration of young talent that international students have experienced in London schools to date!

The Young Talent Festival takes place at Harrow School.
Attendees will therefore have the wonderful chance to explore the 320-acre estate upon which the greats of the past – Churchill, Baldwin, Lord Byron, Palmerston and Peel, to name but a few – have all wondered, preached and pondered.
This graceful, enchanting environment will stay in the minds of the performers and participants for a lifetime. The masterclasses we provide develop creative arts skills, where young people from all backgrounds share experiences and performances.

The objective is to increase the confidence of young performers whose first language may or may not be English.
The confidence and passion fostered by the festival will serve each young person extremely well when it comes to public speaking and expression; these are some of the most important and valuable personal skills a young adult can have in the 21st century job market.
Performing in front of a diverse international audience is an invaluable opportunity, providing an all-important platform for powerful creative exchange.
Aside from the direct improvement it makes on young people’s confidence and performing skill-sets, the benefits that the Young Talent Festival brings to the local, regional and national cultural landscape and economy is vast. 

The arts are one of the UK’s most important industries, and the British tradition of the arts is renowned and celebrated worldwide for it’s wit and cultural, political and intellectual value. All those who perform in the Young Talent Festival become involved in the rich tradition of the British arts during their time here, made all the more significant by the festival’s location in the historic, Harrow School – for example, the much-adored actor Benedict Cumberbatch, aka Sherlock Holmes, attended Harrow School as a young man.

To pursue this incredible opportunity, please visit this link. This includes a fully-funded English language course at KKCL (accredited by British Council and endorsed worldwide) and a holiday in London packed with cultural immersion. For more information and for queries on prices in this regard, please write to us here.

Motivating students to follow their inner talents is part of our key aims at KKCL. This is precisely why we are sponsoring the Young Talent Festival, an event covered by national press, therefore giving attendees the chance to truly grab the spotlight. We sponsor each of our students’ participation in the festival to a value of approximately £500 each – and if you become one of our students for August, you could get access to perform at the festival completely free…

So, what are you waiting for ?