Learning a new language can be a tough challenge, especially when it comes to finding the time to do so and having the determination to keep going. With that said, there are countless benefits to preserving with learning this new skill, and we’re detailing just a few of them.

Improved memory

The brain is not unlike any other muscle in the body and therefore, it should be exercised to become stronger. Learning a new language will work all of your ‘mental muscles’, helping you to improve memory retention. We could all truly benefit from a better working memory.

Your attention span will increase

If you hope to improve your attention span and your focus, learning a new language could help you to do just that. It’s easy to drift off and lose focus when doing daily tasks, but you’ll quickly find that when you start to learn a new language, it keeps your brain active. A bilingual person is accustomed to switching between different languages depending on the conversation and circumstances, which gives the brain plenty of practise in focusing.

Travelling will be easier

If you plan on travelling the world or even moving to a foreign country, learning the native language can make life much easier for you. It means there will be less awkward moments when trying to converse and interact with locals. As well, many locals will often see the effort to converse in their native language a mark of respect, as you are a guest in their country.

Your first language will improve

Although you may be fluent in your first language and may not see any room for improvement, it’s naive to think such a way. As with anything, there is always room for at least some improvement. When you learn a new language, you tend to understand things like grammar and pronunciation even more so than you did before. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for the mechanics of your language, making you a better writer and speaker.

Improves your career prospects

The ability to speak more than one language is something that can really enhance your CV, and potentially help to land you your dream job. In recent years, there has been a huge increase in the number of start-up businesses across the world launching into new markets worldwide and when they are hiring, bilingual candidates tend to be more promising. Even if you aren’t learning a new language to specifically land a particular job role, employers will still be impressed. Learning a new language shows drive, determination and use of initiative.

Written by Stuart Cooke, Marketing Manager and blog writer at UniBaggage.com.