An under 18 student may sign up to an excursion arranged by an outside bus or tour company; what safeguarding do the school need to do?

Briefing for 16 and 17 year olds joining an external company excursion

First, request a copy of the risk assessment for the excursion from the company running the trip. The school’s safeguarding staff check that the level of safeguarding is suitable for students under 18 and check any points which are unclear or unsatisfactory.

Have a pre-excursion meeting in the school, one or two days before the excursion for the 16 and 17 year olds going on the trip. Go through (i) the key points from the organising company’s risk assessment and (ii) the school’s guidelines for under 18s on excursion, e.g. reminders about alcohol, check the students have the school’s 24 hour emergency contact phone number and confirm that a school staff member will always be available to help if there are any problems contacting the bus driver.

Excursion Safeguarding

Appropriate academic materials

Although this applies to all students aged under 18, it is particularly relevant for students aged 16 and 17 because they have joined an adult course, and the teachers may assume that all their teaching materials will be suitable for the under 18 students in their class.

Ensure that teachers know to check materials thoroughly before using them with under 18s; will the content work and is it appropriate for under 18s?

If using online materials, e.g. YouTube videos, this means watching the video all the way through; there are ‘doctored’ clips online which begin properly but before the end have inappropriate words and/or images, some of which may be illegal for under 18s to see.

Safeguarding staff to liaise with academic managers about lesson materials and to be available for teachers to discuss any materials being queried. Teachers will appreciate the opportunity to talk about what makes appropriate or non-appropriate classroom materials for under 18s from a safeguarding perspective.

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