English language proficiency exams are a mandate when you wish to study abroad. The bottom line is that you cannot go to study abroad, especially in an English-speaking country, without taking an English language proficiency test like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc.

Millions of students from developing nations choose to study abroad and they take up any of the mentioned exam, for which they prepare day and night, especially the ones who aren’t as good in English. These students take up IELTS-PTE coaching programs so that they get acquainted with the test and are able to get desired score.

Again, there are thousands of small and big IELTS/PTE coaching institute Chandigarh that provide training to crack IELTS/PTE and all these providers charge differently, depending upon the factors like infrastructure, faculty, experience in the field, etc. In addition to the coaching, these providers also provide tips and tricks to crack the exam. Here are some of the tips and tricks that can help you crack your IELTS/PTE exam with desired score.

Be Extremely Attentive in the Class

Most of the trainers are aware about special shortcuts that are extremely helpful in different modules of the test. They’ll help you with shortcuts that can be used in reading, writing, speaking and listening sections of the test. So, it is highly suggested that students pay full attention during the training program.

Make the Most of Mock Tests

Mock tests are extremely helpful when it comes to giving a complete feel of the original test. Make the most of the mock tests that are provided in the class and you’ll be easily able to score high in your original IELTS/PTE exam.

Tips and Tricks

Converse and Listen as Much as Possible

Speaking and listening in English language will help you great deal. Encourage your batch-mates to speak using English language as much possible, and try to do the same with them. This exercise will help you score greatly in both listening and speaking sections.

Read in Front of Mirror, Aloud

Reading in front of mirror aloud helps build confidence. Make sure you read the comprehensions and paragraphs aloud while paying attention to the pronunciation. Pronouncing the words rightly will help you score more in the reading section where you’ll be able to read the words correctly and loudly.

Develop Speed for Writing Section

You’ll come to know the benefit of writing quickly if you develop a good speed. One of the benefits of taking PTE over IELTS here is that PTE is a completely computer-based test and you can always develop greater speed on keyboard than in handwriting. So, if you are taking PTE, learn typing and develop good speed over a period of time, which will help you clear the writing section with great ease. Speed of around 40 words per minute should be enough

All the above tips and tricks will help you score good in all the modules of IELTS/PTE exam. Make sure you stick to the basics and try to improve every single day.

Author Bio

Bella Cameron is a blogger, teacher who works in the field of Weekend IELTS Classes Chandigarh at Asia Pacific Group. She has experience of more than a decade in coaching for IELTS and PTE. Most of her students have scored great bands in both general and academic IELTS. She says her success mantra in this field is only due to her focus and perseverance.