Should the behavioural analytics be used in job interviews? Let’s see what it can reveal about the candidates.

In the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT) and Machine learning (ML), it won’t be an exaggeration to agree that behavioural analytics must be part of the personal Interview.

Whys so? That’s that top of mind query which may further raise eyebrows in the context that during an interview, how would you be able to judge the candidate’s analytical prowess?

Why should we use them?

It is with the tools of behavioural analytics that personal interview panel can understand the aptitude skills of the candidate. The moment the interview starts with this bend; it leads to competency based approach. How the candidate reciprocates with replies to the specific competency judgment based questions can be related to multiple HR goals such as being organisational fit capabilities.

Questions that matter more can be: What are the things you can relate with the present job requirements based on your previous experience? Why are you leaving your current job? After learning about a new opportunity, how long will you take to apply somewhere else? What are your long term and short term goals? What are the top two things you find an excellent opportunity to apply with a new organisation?

What kind of information can we learn?

With behaviour interviews, candidates do provide information in form of their stories which they narrate in form of success stories of their past corporate journey. On the other hand the interview panel must encourage the candidate to come up with more information on some inside story supported with data and with minimum risk of being termed as baiter. Most importantly within purview of these interviews a positive probing is possible.

Probing questions must not be asked. These probing queries should be response to the candidate’s replies. Putting up questions with probing and countering while mentioning like, please elaborate more on this or that or please cite examples on your conviction etc., can lead to some expected answers and HR motives can be achieved.


What else can we analyse?

Besides the point of behavioural, certain questions on communication mainly as oratory skills will remain crucial. Gestures also are part and parcel of the interview.  Within these gambits, the candidate’s skills on both verbal and nonverbal communication get opened and the personal interview panel gets ample opportunity to probe further.

It has been a saying as almost as practice that your opening sentences in an interview almost decide where you will lead for more questions and within this context it is very crucial that the candidate should be very balanced and must not get carried away with the politeness of admission panel or smiling faces of the panel because they are doing so to make you at ease and then start probing within their written guide lines supported with behaviour analytic tools.

What should the candidate do?

Shaking hand is a well established gesture which is always debated because over here panel might land in gender bias and because of these obvious reasons, the latest trend is that both warm and not so warm shake hands are acceptable but negative body language is not acceptable.

Positive thinking leads to positive mind which further leads to a very positive body language which is sign of pure confidence and a confident personality which is liked by one and all.  A well groomed personality, supporting season based dress code is considered to be the candidate who can be probed further. Even candidate can motivate the admission panel to put questions in his or her strong areas. Opening answers on getting the first question might lead to a discussion where the candidate can market oneself.

What would an interview be like without the behavioural analytics?

Without behavioural analytics, the interview might land with unstructured questions and that might further spoil the scenario of personal interview. Although it is termed as personal interview but the factual fact is that it is not hat personal and interview panel is supposed to frame the questions which might probe the adaptability of the candidate within the organisation to achieve the set goals.

Therefore it is the behavioural analytics which not only set the tone of the positive note to achieve HR motives but this interview also gives an opportunity to the candidate to answer in that manner which is structured and comes up with the expected answers.

Most importantly the candidates who are self-disciplined to open up the discussion based on logical reasoning are always fit enough to behave and adapt within ambit of AI, IOT and do justice with ML also.

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