Today, Pietro Messina was met by the Mayor Arcidiacono and the president of Gallery Teachers Giovanni Rottura to present the award.

Pietro will participate in the international festival at the London Harrow School this August. 

President of Gallery Teachers and leader in the field of the study of the English language, Giovanni Rottura met the young Pietre at the Municipality of Monreale earlier today. The Mayor of the town in Italy, Alberto Arcidiacono was also present, to celebrate the occasion.

The scholarship given today is for the participation in an international event aimed to showcase talents from around the world. This event is to be held at the prestigious Harrow School, which was attended by famous personalities such as Winston Churchill and Lord Byron.

A young talent on the rise

Pietro Messina has already won numerous awards for his talent in singing, and recently took part in Sanremo Giovani – an Italian music festival – held earlier this year. The scholarship includes a week’s stay at Harrow School, participating in various artistic activities in preparation for the international event on August 8th.

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