Want to be a teacher by extending a helping hand to those suffering from learning disabilities?

Special Needs teachers are able to help children continue to dream about the bright prospects of life. Children with dyslexia, ADHD, cerebral palsy and others tend to lose their pace in mainstream education. As a result of this, the world is really in need of a philanthropic guide. You have these attributes in you yet don’t know how to become one? No worries, keep an eye on the following essentials:

SEN Training and Teachers

When it comes to Special Education, to teach your students, you require equally special qualifications. For being a SEN teacher, you need to get into a SEN teacher training course. You may possess the essential qualities to teach, but they may need to be fine-tuned with formal training.

Besides brilliant qualifications, patience, perseverance and understanding minds, to be a teacher in this arena requires you to be observant to recognize and bring out the innate abilities of your pupils. Be friendly and spend time with them. This would give you the opportunity to know their problems and help them make gradual progresses.

What Qualifications do I need to be a special needs teacher?

Whether you undertake a classroom based course or an online SEN course for teachers, you can always qualify for a diploma. To teach in public schools, a Bachelor’s degree along with a SEN Certificate is mandatory. One step higher and you can also attain a Post Graduate with a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education). However, most schools now prefer teachers with a qualified SEN training. Not just in preschools or middle schools, your skills may also be used in high schools. This would definitely help the children pave their way to college and univeristy.

What Does a SEN Teacher Do?

Know the difference between traditional teachers and SEN Teachers

‘Slow but steady wins the race’- that’s what SEN teachers believe. With respect to all the teachers out there, the work of the latter is comparatively painstaking in nature than the former. You need to understand the unsaid queries of the children. An ideal SEN teacher will always keep up with the emotional and behavioural needs of their students, and infuse their educational requirements simultaneously. As mentioned earlier, the teacher should think critically, and act wisely. Ever imagined how exciting it would be when you come up with the most innovative methods to reach out to them? That is in itself rewarding!

Setting goals is the first step

No need to fret. The SEN teacher training that you have already undertaken will help you work comprehensively. Be a strategist: plan your lessons thoroughly. This will make your work much easier and meticulous. Help the students by taking repeated examinations, test their skills and evaluate them on the basis of their progress. Children always look up to encouragement while trying to achieve something.

If you are thinking that you would have to undergo the archetypal chalk and talk method, well, then you are absolutely on the wrong track! Being a professional in this regard leaves you chance to take care all aspects of their progresses.

Career Opportunities of SEN Teacher around the World

The world is in desperate need to utilise all the human capitals. It is therefore necessary to help these children academically, to support them in achieving their goals for the future. Not just standing in front of the blackboard, a SEN teacher has varied carrier opportunities in front of him:

Pre- School and Middle School teacher

Be with the pupils from the very beginning of their school life. You can emerge a successful teacher by strengthening their base for their future.

High School Teacher

A notch higher and there you are as the high school teacher, preparing the students as they unlock a new phase of their lives before college.

Shadow Teacher

Do not have the requisite qualifications to be an independent SEN teacher? Why not start off by being a shadow teacher in schools? This will allow to you be in direct connection with your students. That will help the latter get the required attention with your support. You are also at a liberty to discuss, plan and implement the strategies along with the head teacher and have hands on on-the-job experience which is a great boost to your knowledge.

Occupational Therapists

‘Survival of the fittest’. Be it a Physical or Occupational therapist, you can be a great pillar of support by looking at the physical aspects of the pupils. These are as necessary as the academic part. Regular health checkups, mobility and diagnosis will catalyse them to behave in a positive manner.

Childcare Workers

If you want to be a SEN teacher then you can opt for this service. Cater to their needs, help them bath, learn, walk, communicate and lead a regular life as much as possible.


Well, by now you have realized that a SEN teacher does not follow the norms of ‘top down pouring of facts’ on the students. Unfortunately, even in the ultra modern world, people have a prejudiced idea regarding this academic sphere. Come, be a part of the SEN teaching world and guide the students in the best ways possible.