The one positive we can say about 2020 is that it is a time of change.
Change is always a driver of innovation and fresh ideas and a shift in perspectives. The language teaching industry is no different. We’ve seen our entire industry forced into teaching online, students and teachers initially horrified then often, pleasantly surprised by how well that has gone for them. 

What are the long term impacts? Will we all be teaching online forever? Is the concrete school a thing of the past?

Thankfully, no. But there will be far more hybrid classes, far more flexibility and new methods and mindsets to deal with it. 

Thankfully, some people were ahead of the curve.
Gallery Teachers, following on from their market-leading success with their safeguarding qualifications for our industry have been quietly working away in the background on a new qualification for teachers. Building on their years of experience delivering teacher training all over the world, they have responded to their colleagues’ global demands to ‘write it all down!’. 

The best part is they have not simply written it all down though, using a task based approach of interactive learning they have harnessed the ideas that have taken over decades to percolate.
Under the expert hand (and mind) of Gabi Kotlubaj, Director of Studies at flagship KKCL school, they have brought together the ways and means as practiced by the best trainers, and teachers they could find. 

This ground breaking qualification also has a vital ingredient in terms of who builds and maintains it, the interactive forum.
Means any teacher, anywhere can have a hand in shaping and defining this project as it grows.
If you qualified thirty years ago, two days ago or still haven’t decided if you want to qualify… there is a place where your ideas can be heard and have a chance to shape the future of language teaching. 

The task-based approach means learning is displayed and experience-led, you’re not asked questions or shown reasons why until you’ve done the actual tasks, meaning you can’t sit back and let the course wash over you, passive.
Trainees have to engage and input to progress. Gamification of a sort, certainly, but also a way to capture the imagination and fire the synapses.
You can’t get through this course without thinking, and hard work! 

The beauty of offering the course online is that anyone, anywhere can do join.
You’re not forced to pay for a course, accommodation AND living costs to go away to study. You can do it at your own pace, in your own place. 

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with Gallery Teachers from the very start, travelling all over the world and speaking, listening and training at conferences from Minsk, to Tunis, Rome and Athens and beyond.
I’m proud to be part of this new endeavour, and, also very excited!

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