Not many industries have changed in a very short period of time like Education, and this change is especially true for TEFL professionals.
In some ways, being an ESL Teacher is completely different, compared to what it used to be just one year ago.

It is easy to understand why: the way we learned to teach, the way we prepared our lessons, and the way we used to teach, were meant for an offline environment, while now it is mostly about teaching online, whether for live Zoom classes or for pre-recorded online courses.

One year ago, we could just simply refuse technology and be fine teachers, but we don’t have that luxury anymore.

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After the Corona Virus situation things will get back to normal, yet there are some realities that are meant to stay, and the use of technology is one of them.

In fact, I believe we will continue to use online classes and materials with our students, even when we will be back to our face to face activities.
Why? Because they are an improvement.

In my opinion, we will not be anymore completely human and we will not be completely machines: we will be cyborg teachers that are able to take the best from both.

This is why we need to familiarize with technology and use it to our advantage, because it gives us endless opportunities.

It’s not about old teaching, done in a new way.
It’s about a new way of teaching.

With the video below, you will learn how to make a class website with Google Sites, which is a free tool that comes with your free Google account.

With Google Sites you can share assignments, course materials and integrate links to other programs. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make our classes dynamic and interactive, involving our students like never before.

You will be able to use a class website to showcase your students’ work and keep your students and their families updated on events that are important to you.

Links to all the programs featured in this video:

About the Author of this video education technology tutorial:

Sam Kary is an American Educator, creator of the successful channel The New Edtech Clasroom.
Please visit him to find many useful resources for teachers.

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