Technology plays a major role in e-learning, because it makes teaching and learning easier.
The new generation of students has got multiple learning tools and various technologies to get ready for their career.

As mentioned in the article How to improve memory for studying?, e-learning educates and benefits everyone, no matter the age.

This article illustrates why millennials need e-learning instead of classroom teachings.

1). Cost-efficiency

When compared to classic learning, e-learning is cost-effective.
Classroom learning needs a teacher every time, who needs to be paid.
It should also include traveling expenses.
By using e-learning, students can cut down these costs. E-learning provides the same benefits as one-time initialization.
Moreover, since the technology used in e-learning is user-friendly, the student is able to learn from anywhere.

2). Progressive Track

Both traditional and electronic learning tracks the student’s progress.
In traditional learning, teachers have to assess every student manually. Therefore, it takes much longer to evaluate them.
Moreover, there is only one mentor to assess many students in a class. Tracking every student’s progress and maintaining the record is quite difficult.
On the other hand, with e-learning, evaluating the students can be done through software.
In addition to that, not only evaluating is easier, but also tracking the student’s progress and maintaining the record.

3). Round the clock

Generation Y kids are overwhelmed to do a lot of things at a time. Some students work part-time and cannot attend classes regularly. At a certain time, they don’t have reading materials and fail during examinations.
To avoid such problems, web-based learning benefits these kinds of students.
Since there are no restrictions for the time and place, Gen Y kids move towards web-based applications.
Moreover, reading materials can be accessed anywhere and used.

4). Retention Power

Retention power is one of the most important among the students.
When compared to traditional learning, students get more memory power through web-based learning.
Traditional learning delivers only practical knowledge among students. Therefore, they get only limited knowledge regarding the subject.
In web-based learning, students get practical knowledge. It delivers video demonstrations so that they learn the subjects with deep knowledge.

5). Creativity Boost

One important reason for Gen Y prefers e-learning is because it nurtures creativity.
The reason is, as they prefer to learn electronically, this method visualizes certain concepts, implementing those aspects in real-time projects. Therefore, nurturing creativity helps them to work better in an organization.

6). Fail without fear

In traditional learning, some students feel dreadful while receiving their grades.
This makes the students feel inferior to fellow classmates.
To avoid such problems, Gen Y kids are moving towards e-learning.
In e-learning, grades are being shared only with the mentor and the particular student.
This doesn’t make the student feel inferior to the fellow members.

7). Exposure of ideas

One of the important reasons to go with e-learning is the exposure of ideas. In traditional learning, students are able to know only the ideas of fellow members.
Their exposure to ideas becomes shorter and occurs within a small circle. In e-learning, students can witness another fellow student’s idea in a discussion forum.
By witnessing those ideas, it helps in academics and project works. Moreover, they can develop their competitive skills by doing that.

8). Diversification

Formal learning delivers only a finite amount of teachings to the students. Students can clarify their queries only during office hours.
E-learning provides diversified content with deep knowledge.
Moreover, students don’t need to always learn only certain subjects and concepts.
Students are able to learn diversified concepts that are apart from the subjects.
Additionally, the students get more interest in the subject and they get a deep knowledge.
This also plays one important reason why Gen Y kids are moving towards e-learning.

9). Upgraded chapters

In the traditional way of teaching, schools and colleges always focus on printed learning.
Due to the usage of printed materials for learning, students lack in current affairs and happenings.
Printed learning doesn’t provide updated information.
When Generation Y kids move towards e-learning, they get up to date information and current news.
It contains recent news and happenings with all upgraded information.

10). Prepare for the real world

As earlier mentioned earlier, e-learning comprises technologies.
The world is moving towards more technology-oriented work culture.
Being technology-oriented helps the millennials to prepare for the real world.
This helps them also to achieve their goals in a work environment.

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