Would you rather work for someone else, or be a self-employed teacher? I talk about this and more with Megan Wummer, Course Director of TEFL in Italy and TEFL in Spain.

After the initial enthusiasm of learning to become an English Teacher and the excitement of getting your TEFL certification, you have to look for your first teaching job, and it’s not always straightforward. For example, do you want to work for someone else, for just one school, or do you prefer a career as a self-employed and find your own adventures?

I talked about this and much more with Megan Wummer, Course Director and Centre Manager at TEFL in Italy and TEFL in Spain.

Together, we explored how teaching has changed completely in just one year, and we are not just talking about online classes, but the whole approach to this profession, from the hiring process to the career opportunities, and chances are it will still change a lot.

As Megan rightfully points out, teaching has been more or less the same for an incredibly long period of time, and aside from very small adjustments, nothing really made a difference… until the Corona Virus.

This whole situation created an earthquake in our industry, and if at the beginning it seemed all bad news, now that we are adjusting to it, we are seeing more and more of the bright side that this situation is bringing to us.

For instance, now teachers are less passive and more entrepreneurial in their career, and online teaching is an exciting market that can bring a lot of very interesting opportunities.

All of these changes are also affecting the kind of people interested in becoming Teachers, and Megan helps us to understand who are the new students, soon-to-be teachers, and what are their motivations.

One of the most visible changes we are seeing at the moment is that now schools are more open to non native English Teachers and the internal market is finding a new life.

I would like to thank Megan Wummer for the time she dedicated to our community in this interview, to share her experience with honesty, openly talking about the excitement around the Teaching industry, but also the new challenges that we are all facing.

I encourage you to visit their websites, TEFL in Italy and TEFL in Spain, if you are looking for your first job in teaching English.