This workshop reinvents teaching, with practical suggestions that you can adapt straight away to improve your classes in any subject.

This week the winner of Most Popular Workshop is our Top Trainer Neil Harris, with his eye-opening webinar titled Teaching Listening – The Cinderella Skill.

This workshop gives you practical suggestions that you can adapt straight away to improve your classes in any subject, and not just English, reinventing teaching.

The assertion that to be a good speaker one needs to be a good listener is commonplace but to what extent are we as successful as classroom practitioners in helping our students to develop good L2 listening skills as we are in developing their speaking skills?

With more and more ELT students in the UK preparing for exams like IELTS, the need to pass listening tests is high but do our classes really offer listening skills development, or are they little more than opportunities for listening practice?

This session has as its starting point that we too often are short changing our students by testing them rather than teaching them. It then reviews what listening in an L2 actually involves before suggesting ways in which we can move away from listening rehearsal to skills development which will equip learners with strategies to enable them to listen rather than merely hear.

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