Roberta Begliomini, the founder of IELO, is a Language Confidence Consultant, and using happiness when teaching English is now her profession.

Happiness, ours and somebody else’s, is something that we often overlook, too busy chasing something that never comes and that leaves us with no time to take care of our inner peace.

Roberta Begliomini, Founder of IELO, has reinvented the wheel and put happiness as the main focus of her activities. In fact, she doesn’t call herself an English Teacher, but a Language Confidence Consultant.

I interviewed her to understand more about the vision of her company and how we could all take example from her activities to implement happiness in our students’ lives and ours.

In this interview, we explore a new way of teaching English (or any other language), based on goals and tailored to the student.

In this very different approach, with less regulation and planning, the teacher becomes a friend (or a coach) for his students, and his first objective is to work on the motivation.

If the student is feeling tired, it’s not out of order to forget about the lesson plan and have a nice conversation, maybe with some wine.

The personality of the teacher becomes the most important thing, and that means that there is not one teacher that fits all of the students. Different Teaching personalities get along with different learning personalities, and I think that this is a strong concept we should all take some time to think about.

Having high standards is good, providing always an impeccable service, being organized and follow the plan is good, but it’s not the only way to approach this profession. We are on a mission. We are not just teaching English, we are educators, and nobody will remember us because we always started our classes on time.

Our students will remember us because we stopped when they felt tired, and we did the extra mile to show them that we care, and we are not there just because we are paid for it.

I especially like it when Roberta talks about mistakes (minute 7.40): Give names to your mistakes.
She adds “I learned this from a very nice teacher”. Well, one day, I would like to be remembered as that kind of teacher.

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