Academic Director and Content Creator Gabriel Clark talks about how to produce your masterclass for Gallery Teachers and become a Top Trainer!

These are exciting times! Gallery Teachers has recently launched a series of workshops as part of its efforts to ensure the delivery of the best TEFL course available in the market, involving some of the most respected TEFL professionals from all over the World.

This initiative has found immediate success and we decided to make it an appointment twice a week, not just for TEFL students, but also for our PRO Members, that are experienced professionals of the TEFL industry who can take advantage of our discussions to further develop their knowledge and gain CDP.

We are now looking for more Trainers to join our community and deliver a masterclass in their area of expertise. These workshops are paid and you will be assisted by our Academic team in every phase of your work to ensure the best quality possible.

If you are interested in being considered to run your masterclass with Gallery Teachers, feel free to apply on our Work With Us page.

How to make an online masterclass – An interview Gabriel Clark

I interviewed Gabriel Clark, Academic Director and Content Creator at, and one of the most popular Top Trainers at Gallery Teachers. He recently delivered a workshop on the use of images when teaching English and shared his experience with our community, telling us about the creative process and the way he collaborates with the academic team, including the most technical aspects of this experience, in remote (he is currently based in Bulgaria, while our headquarters is in London).

If you are not yet one of our PRO Members and you want to assist to Gabriel’s masterclass (and get certified), add the code thanksgabriel in the coupon section when purchasing the workshop, and you will have it free of charge, courtesy of Gabriel!