I’ve recently interviewed Youtube sensation Miranda Crowhurst, Author of some of the funniest TEFL videos you can find online, who teaches grammar to English Teachers using surreal dialogues among anthropomorphized languages.

This is the first part of a longer interview we had, where Miranda Crowhurst talks about the philosophy and the humour behind her funny videos where she explains grammar to English teachers and gives valuable ideas on how to make our classes more fun.

I would like to thank Miranda Crowhurst for her precious activities and for spending some time together.

She has also prepared some very interesting materials for our community, that have been designed for the Teacherpreneurs (Teachers who want to become Entrepreneurs and launch their own business). I encourage all of our readers to download them, not just because they are very valuable, but also because they are free!

Here are some of the freebies you can download from Twinkl

1). FREE Teacherpreneur Pack – to help people develop their online teaching business

2). FREE Snakes and Ladders ‘life-saver’ Game

3). FREE ESL Phonics Taster Pack

4). FREE Beginner Level Questions Maze

5). FREE Classroom Decorations Pack