This English vocabulary lesson is a great way to pick up the words and phrases you need to be able to talk about music. Suitable for pre-intermediate to advanced English students.

On talking to one of my students recently about music, I realised just how tricky it is to talk about.
Despite the fact that it’s something we all love talking about and something that a lot of us do all the time (I’m very guilty of this!), it can be very tricky.

And again, it’s a lexical approach that can handle this well. Talking about music doesn’t require any new grammatical tenses or, on the whole, any really specialist vocabulary.

It’s all about knowing the right phrases and right constructions to use for each facet of the topic you’re talking about. Or, as Mike Lewis would put it, it’s about what’s probable, not just what’s possible.

Think about it like this.

If your student comes out with a phrase like “The category of the genre of this music makes you have a hard time to identify it,” then you might think something like, “Great grammar! But what are you talking about?”

Then you realise that what they meant was something like “Their music’s really hard to pin down.”
And that’s why, in this video, I cover the structures and the lexis that appears when we talk about music.

The video (and phrase list in the video description) is there so you, as a teacher, can take the vocabulary and adapt it into a vocab input session with your students.

Good luck!