Talking about travel is surprisingly tricky and full of little traps that trip up even the more competent learners!

There’s the whole “get” vs “take” vs “by car” vs “on foot” debacle for a start.
Then there’s “journey” vs. “trip” vs. “travels.”
And there’s the eternal debate on whether you should say “get on” or “get in” and why.

If your students are over these issues, we still have a wealth of vocabulary to explore on the topic of travel.

We can teach them about being herded around on budget flights, heading off the beaten track, restaurant carriages, having sea legs, getting homesick and so much more.

It’s also good for your students to think critically about travel and tourism.

Is it a good idea while the climate crisis is a thing?
Is mass tourism creating devastation wherever it goes?

In this video I try to touch on all these issues, giving your students the ammunition to be able to talk competently about travel.

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