Writing is an excellent way for Teachers to make some extra money and build up their names. To my surprise, more and more companies are using Artificial Intelligence to produce their copy. I asked Charli Hunt, CEO of the agency Proof Content, to explain how it works and if we should consider AI a help for our writing activities or a danger.

In this video, Charli Hunt talks to us about the benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in our writing activities, for example allowing us to quickly overcome the White Page Syndrome, or letting the computer take care of all the tedious tasks we sometimes have to do.

Artificial Intelligence can quickly write product descriptions for us, saving us time for the more creative parts of the job.

A computer-written product description can sometimes be even more effective than human-written ones, because Google’s algorithms are run by computers and they interact better.

Computers, therefore, can only help our work. They are not creative, they cannot think like human beings, they cannot take the initiative.

Not yet, at least …