Education plays an important role in students’ careers, because mastering skills and knowledge in a specific subject could make a big difference in their future job hunt.

Understanding how things work and finding the right paths to follow is not easy, especially for someone with little to no work experience, and this is why online tutors are getting popular.

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Many physical schools provide tutors for their students. Having a good tutor is a great advantage for any student, but now that education has shifted towards online, finding the right one on your own can be hard, especially since the online offer has become so high.

Whether you want to increase your earnings as a tutor, or you are looking for one (for yourself or your students), in this article you will find good tips on things you should keep in mind to avoid some stress.

What to do before looking for a tutor?

Setting criteria and boundaries is better than shooting in the dark. It will guide you towards what you need. Selecting tutors according to your requirements will bring you close to your academic and career goals.

This is a series of points to consider to help you define your goals and who you are looking for.

Define your goals and needs

Defining your goals and needs is the very first step because tutors will plan accordingly. Once you have clear in mind what are your needs it will be a lot easier to understand what to look for in your desired tutor.


Researching the current market situation for the educational field will help you understand current prices, courses and other offers related to tutoring.

Plan your budget. Most students fail to get the tutor they need for lack of research. The research will also help to plan how to approach tutors and pitch them.

Define your limits

Defining limits makes tutoring sessions easier for you.

The most common limits are budget and time. Knowing them in advance, tutors can plan their classes accordingly.

What to look for in a tutor

Now it’s time to look for tutors. This list will help you to evaluate the best tutor, or if you want to become one, to assess yourself and understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Confidence and command of the subject

Tutors need to have confidence in what they teach, they can’t appear confused. Tutors must have command of their subject (topics, subtopics and related topics). They must provide the desired information to students.

Students have to feel assured while asking for help, rather than feeling doubtful.

Grammar and language

Tutors should use the appropriate language registrar while teaching and know how to use the language professionally.

Using appropriate grammar and language is a must, students deserve proper communication. They shouldn’t be confused and clueless during classes.

Use of technology for teaching

Technology plays a huge role in education, especially after 2020. Online Tutors should consider the latest technology as a second skin to take full advantage of it, and be able to sort out issues quickly.


The environment during an online class depends mostly on the tutor’s behaviour. If tutors are too lenient, students will not let them teach. If tutors are too strict, then students will shy from asking questions. Appropriate behaviour will create a learning environment that will ensure the growth in the skillsets and knowledge of students.

As we all have our own personalities, no matter how prepared is a tutor, they might not click with a student, and vice-versa. It is important to understand that on time, and change the tutor or drop the student without waiting for hard feelings to grow to a breaking point.

Communication and approachability

Tutors are not exactly teachers, therefore, although it’s important to keep the communication professional, they have to play a fine line being also friendly and helping their students to express their difficulties without fear.

Benefits of studying with a tutor

Aside from being a good teacher, a tutor is also a sort of personal trainer. It is like weight lifting: you can do it on your own, but your results are a lot better with a professional who is able to motivate you, even if you are an expert.

Skills and knowledge

A tutor helps his students to practice. This is something harder to do when you are alone. Tutors make sure that students are ready to clear exams and interviews and monitor their students’ progress.


Tutors guide students through the whole exam process and give feedback on the career paths students should consider. Their job is to ensure that students reach their goals, helping their growth in their personal, academic and professional life.

Help finding opportunities

Tutors have deep knowledge of their subject and they usually have knowledge about the latest job opportunities. This is especially true with tutors provided by the physical school, where during their career they developed a network of connections that can be helpful for the students.

Online, things are a bit different and not always possible when we miss the local relation. An online tutor can live close to his students, but the reality is that in most cases they live far away.


It takes time to find the best tutor and the process can be challenging, yet tutors play a huge role in shaping students’ careers.

Whether you need one, or you want to be one, take your time, and by following this article, the process should be easier.

Stay calm and select a tutor who can skyrocket your career!