English is everywhere and almost impossible to escape if you want to be successful in the corporate world. Traveling the world, watching your favourite shows, or even communicating with friends becomes easier with good English. 

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English is not this monster everyone makes it out to be. It is actually one of the simplest languages to learn. Especially because it is all around us, easily available at our fingertips. Every person who learns English discovers a dozen tips or tricks that helped them master the language.

There is no one formula for success and each person learns differently. However there are certain fundamental elements of English learning that cannot be replaced. 

As we get older, the traditional methods of learning become obsolete for us. Long hours of learning complicated concepts and theory only push us further away from our goal of learning. We need innovative and simple ways of learning that are easily accessible. 

The most effective method of mastering English is practice. The key to mastering any skill is consistent repetition. Practice definitely does make perfect. 

I am a tutor at Clapingo and we understand that when you want to learn English, you need a guide. Here is the approved step by step guide we use for English Mastery. 

1). Identify areas of improvement 

While learning something new or improving what we already know, we should understand which parts need the most improvement. Sometimes, we misdiagnose our weaknesses and completely ignore our strengths. 

For example, it may happen that we believe our problem is vocabulary when in actuality it is sentence formation. Identifying weaker areas correctly while understanding our strengths, saves us precious time. If you have a tough time identifying these areas yourself, book a Clapingo Demo so you can get a correct assessment from an Expert Tutor.

2). Prioritize Areas of Improvement

We may have more than one area that we would like to work on in English. It is impractical to try and improve in all areas simultaneously. It is always wise to focus on a maximum of one or two areas at a time. 

Sometimes we try to focus on too many aspects at one time and end up with no progress. The more we break down the different aspects of English, the more thorough our understanding becomes. 

Pro Tip: When you focus on any one aspect of English, it will also help you progress in other areas.

3). Understand the areas that require improvement

We must understand exactly which parts of our Spoken English require improvement. If we do not understand it, we tend to work on the wrong things. We can even end up confusing ourselves in areas we already know. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to understand exactly which parts require improvement. This way you can even select the correct ways to improve. Your Clapingo Speaker will always help you thoroughly understand your position and suggest creative solutions to quickly and effectively improve your Spoken English.

4). Make easy actionable plans to make progress in those areas (suitable to you)

This may seem like a simple step but so many new learners get this wrong. We often believe that the most common methods of English learning are the best and only ways to learn. We often believe that there is something wrong with us if we cannot learn through those methods. Often, we do not see any improvement in our English because we may be using the incorrect methods. 

Everyone learns differently. Some people learn through complicated methods while some can learn using the easiest hacks. Explore different learning methods until you find those that actually work for you. You will have to invest enough time to find the best method for you. Trying it once, not seeing any improvement and moving to the next method is not the best way to go about learning. Try a method that appeals to you, test your progress after a suitable amount of time and then move to the next method if required. You never know, you might discover a new method that works just for you. 

Pro Tip: Sometimes it is not the method but the amount of time you put into a method. For example, listening to podcasts once a day might help but listening to them all day might saturate the actual learning. So understand the amount of time each method should be given too.

Pro Pro Tip: Repetition and Practice are the best methods to adopt. You just need to find the right balance.

5). Surround yourself with as much English as possible

We learn English even when we are not paying attention. Do not dedicate only a few hours a week to learning English. You might need to change up your lifestyle a little bit to observe more improvement. Insert English into every aspect of your life as much as possible. Listen to music in English, get your news in English, watch sports with English commentary, read books and articles in English, watch English shows and movies. Make your life a bubble of English. Find friends to speak to in English. Eventually, you will also start thinking in English.

6). Set up opportunities to practice your English

If you think once you learn English, you will magically find people to speak to in English, you are sadly mistaken. You will need to set up opportunities to communicate in English. The world will not suddenly know that you can speak in English or that you would like to speak in English. So it is up to you to create an English-speaking environment for yourself. If you find this hard, find a variety of qualified English speakers to converse with on the Clapingo platform.

7). Make sure to get corrected

Practising incorrect English is worse than practising no English at all. The more often you practise incorrect English, the more of a habit it becomes. Ensure that you have someone who is better at English than you to correct your mistakes. Let them point you in the right direction, by pointing out repeated mistakes. Do not allow yourself to make the same mistake again and again. Try to nip these minor mistakes in the bud.

8). Keep practising even on your own 

Do not always wait to have a conversation with another person. Make up conversation pieces in your head and practise them out loud. You can even record it or say it out loud to the mirror. This will help you stay ready for your next conversation in English. 

9). Read through technical concepts to understand them and put them to practise immediately

Technical concepts may not be everything but they are definitely important. Once you know which technical concepts you struggle with, it is always a good idea to review the rules and exceptions. This will help avoid silky mistakes while speaking. 

10). Even when it gets hard, don’t give up!

We know that all this sounds complicated but we also know that if you have read until here, you are invested in your Spoken English Improvement. Do not worry it will definitely get easier with time and consistent practice.

So here you go! An easy and verified English learning plan for you! Follow this tried and tested guide to mastering Spoken English. 

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