Gallery Teachers is a global network for teachers and ELT professionals

Who are we?

Gallery Teachers is a UK based global network made up of EFL teachers, language professionals, schools and institutions. Based in the UK, we have grown from strength to strength over the last 10 years, and currently number 5300+ EFL Professionals and 17000+ Gallery Teachers members.

Our vision

We are passionate about supporting our network of EFL teachers and are committed to helping teachers develop professionally because passionate teachers make enthusiastic learners and who knows what doors English will open for students in this global world? To this end, we work closely with our extensive network of members and offices around the world to promote excellent teaching and learning and endeavour to reach out to as many teachers as possible both online and face-to-face.

What do we do?

1) Support EFL teachers

We organise and run a wide range of activities from teacher training, to international education festivals to workshops and  many more!  

Have us come to you, or alternatively come to our London school for our flexible teacher training programme that allows you to get what you need to become the best teacher you can be

We also provide online services to support teachers:

EU Projects are an exciting and enriching opportunity for teachers and students alike, and Gallery Teachers works with EU funded projects such as Erasmus + to:

– Advise you about the best mobility opportunities for teachers, students, and school staff
– Find international partners for your project
– Help draft an adequate, viable and well-balanced budget
– Provide up-to-date news about EU calls and best practices

2) Provide opportunities for EFL teachers and students

We organise Study Travel programmes to send students to some of the highest quality English language schools around the world as well as offer a range of online services for you and your students:  

English Language Residential Camps Abroad

Choose the perfect residential programme for you and your students from our extensive list of schools around the world.

Tailored workshops for students 

Rhyme on Time

– A memorable, engaging musical workshop to help students remember English through rhythm and rhyme.


– “Feet in on the ground, head in the clouds” is a brand new project involving a drama production with a game / activity at the end.

Local Learning Projects 

Host a Gallery Teachers English teacher at your educational establishment and we will organise a course to suit your learners.

We can also help with level testing and learning / revising online!

We hope that you find Gallery Teachers a helpful and useful organisation. If you would like to offer any suggestions or feedback, do get in touch!