Course Specifications

Title of Awardtelc Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) (Gallery Teachers)
Qualification ID603/7120/1, view the qualification on the Ofqual register.
Qualification LevelRegulated Qualifications Framework RQF Level 3
European Qualification Framework Level Level 4
Total Qualification Time220 Hours*
Awarding Institution telc
Teaching InstitutionGallery Teachers
Method of DeliveryE-Learning, Online Workshop
Grading TypePass/Fail
Assessment MethodsCoursework, E-assessment, Multiple Choice Examination, Oral Examination, Portfolio of Evidence, Practical Demonstration/Assignment, Task-based Controlled Assessment, Written Examination
Maximum Time for Completion1 Year
*Include 168 Hours of Mandatory Training and 72 Hours of Optional Workshops.

Course Timeline

The course is self-paced and you don’t have to study at specific times, the time required to complete it may be different for each person. Depending on your commitments and how you control your study pace, it can take more or less time

You will have one year to complete the course, which is more than three times as much as needed

Typically, with full time study it should take you between three to four months (12-17 weeks). Please note this is an estimate of how long it takes an average person to complete the course; some people may take 6 months because they have to fit studying in around their job.

The 220-Hour TEFL Course is jointly assessed by Gallery Teachers and telc – the qualification’s provider.

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Live workshops with expert trainers are an important part of your TEFL course, be sure to make the most of it.

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Formative Assessment by Gallery Teachers

Lesson TasksAs you make your way through each lesson, you will notice tasks for you to complete. They are intended for you to practise and implement the information in each lesson as you learn it. All of these tasks will give you an immediate mark of correct/incorrect as well as feedback in some cases, you can also retry any incorrect answers.
End of Lesson QuizzesMost of the lessons within each module will have an End of Lesson Quiz. The pass rate for these quizzes is 50%, and there is no limit to the number of attempts you have; however, you do need to pass them to progress with the course. 
End of Module TestsAt the end of every module, you will be given an End of Module Test consisting of multiple-choice, gap fill and true or false questions. The pass rate for these tests is 50%. There is no limit to the number of attempts you have. You must pass each test in order to pass the course
End of Module ReflectionsAt the end of each module, you are required to post reflective notes on the module and what you have learned, using our online TEFL Forum as well as to comment on another post. This is an essential part of the course and we strongly encourage you to take part.
Lesson DesignYou are required to design four lesson plans and check them against model answers. This assessment is self-assessed and helps you put your knowledge into practice.
Language AnalysisIn the Grammar and Lexis Modules you are required to carry out a language analysis and check it against a model answer. This assessment is self-assessed and helps you put your knowledge into practice.

You have access to Gallery Teachers Workshop Library for 1 year while completing your TEFL course. After this time has expired, you will have the option of signing up to PRO Membership for continuing access.

Final Test and Assessment by telc

The qualification provides learners with the knowledge they need to begin a career as a teacher of English as a foreign language. 

Once you have completed all assessments by Gallery Teachers, you will be required to complete a final assessment test with telc – the qualification provider of the Level 3 TEFL Certification Course.

Learners will be required to prove that they have acquired skills in English language usage, teaching and assessment, including topics such as language skills and systems, lesson planning, material use and classroom management by completing a 3-part online assessment. This assessment is made up of a multiple choice quiz, an oral assessment, in which learners record their answers to 3 practical teaching questions, and finally, a lesson plan task built around a written text or an audio recording.

All 3 parts are to be completed in one sitting and take up to 2.5 hours. 

  • Multiple choice – up to 30 minutes
  • Oral exam – up to 30 minutes, including time spent planning answers
  • Lesson plan task – up to 90 minutes to create and upload a lesson plan document

The assessment is based on the information presented and practiced throughout the Level 3 course. To pass, learners need to achieve a 60% grade in each part of the assessment. 

Your Tutors for This Course

To contact your course trainers, please click on the trainer profile, then submit your question using the email address under the trainer’s profile tab. You can also find some top tips for learning online below.

  • Create your study space

  • Create a study plan

  • Eliminate distractions

  • Ask for help when you feel you need it

  • Actively participate and collaborate with others

  • Take regular study breaks

Begin Your End of Course Assessment

After you have completed all the core modules, you will be able to register for the end-of-course assessment by clicking on the “Register for Level 3 End of Course Assessment” link below. You will be asked to complete a token request form, once verified, Gallery Teachers will e-mail you with a secure access token which will allow you to log in to the telc online assessment system for this course. The final assessment is built specifically for this level 3 TEFL course, so you should feel confident in taking the test.

The online assessment with telc can be taken from a laptop or tablet device at a time of your choice.

When you have completed your end-of-course assessment, your answers will be marked by telc examiners and the test results will be sent to you via email within 5 working days. If you have successfully passed the end-of-course assessment, you will be presented with a PDF certificate via email. You have the option of receiving a hardcopy certificate by paying a fixed courier fee for UK or international delivery.

If you fail the assessment, you can retake it at a later date by paying the resit fee listed in the related services below and emailing, the resit fee is £65.

Learner Registration for Level 3 Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Book Tutorial Session Level 3 Certificate End of Course Assessment

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  • End of Course Assessment Resit Fee
  • TEFL Certificate Delivery Fee
  • PRO Membership


What happens after I complete the assessment?

Once you’ve completed the assessment, your responses are sent to telc examiners for evaluation. Your results will be sent to you within 5 working days

What happens when I pass the course?

‘If you pass the course, you will receive a soft copy (PDF) of your certificate with your results via email. If you ordered a hard copy of the certificate, it will be dispatched to you within 14 working days via Royal Mail courier.

What will happen if I don’t pass the assessment?

If you fail the assessment, you can retake it at a later date by paying the resit fee and emailing, the resit fee is £65.

What will be included on my certificate?

Your certificate will include your name, name of the course, total qualification hours, unit names and result, award date and certificate ID.

Here is a demo of what your certificate will look like.

Additional Information

Enrolled students have access to additional; key sources of information about the course and student support, including:

  • 1 Year Access to the Workshop Library
  • Downloadable Material
  • Live Sessions with Expert Trainers
  • Safeguarding Basic Awareness Course
  • Tutor Support via Email or Forum
  • Peer Learning via Forum and Live Events

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