11 Dec 2020


Gabriella Kovács ACC

The Programme

Making Language Coaching Accessible

What is all the buzz around language coaching? What is behind all the buzz?
This talk will describe and clarify language coaching and its basic approach to a language learning session. Primary focus will be on introducing how a coaching mindset can encourage learners to act with more self-awareness and work towards more learner autonomy.
By joining this talk teachers will take away ideas to support learners to become better goal-setters and take advantage of autonomous learning options. The tools presented will help teachers reduce the load of full responsibility and regular over-preparation to ensure both teachers and learners can come to a mutually beneficial win-win learning situation.


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Trainer Profiles

Gabriella Kovács ACC

Australian-born, Gabriella Kovács ACC is an internationally certified Language Coach, Business Communication Trainer, Language Teacher (B.Ed., M.A.), mentor and Teacher Trainer. Her mission is to create a more holistic, learner-centred approach to L2 language learning.
She is co-founder of ILCA, the International Language Coaching Association, an online organisation with a dedicated membership of like-minded professionals representing a diverse range of backgrounds. Through writing articles, presenting talks, holding workshops, and teacher trainings, she shares her work to empower language and communication practitioners internationally.