London, Harrow
08 Aug 2019

A unique opportunity to showcase skills and talent

The Young Talent Festival is a showcase of international talent for children aged 10-17 who have been especially selected to perform their art on our very special stage at Ryan Theatre, Harrow School, England. This event is perfect for budding singers, dancers, musicians or actors who are looking for performance opportunities in front of an international audience. Award will be given to all finalists.

A visual art exhibition to celebrate youth and creativity

The visual art exhibition is a celebration of young artistic talents under the age of 25, and we very much look forward to seeing dynamic, culturally rich art pieces. At the end of the exhibition, the artworks will be sold in a blind auction to raise funds for charitable causes. Our panel of expert judges will select the award winning pieces, a certificate of appreciation will be also be provided to all exhibition entries.

A fun and rewarding day teeming with activities

Creating and sharing opportunities for young people from all backgrounds is the at the heart of this festival, and in addition to performing or exhibiting their work for all to see, the festival also includes Cultural Exchange activities and Masterclass programme in which participants will develop their core skills in a variety of creative arts.

The Venue – Harrow School

Set on a 300-acre estate in north west London, Harrow is among the most admired schools in the world. Along with excellent facilities and beautiful buildings, Harrow’s history of helping learners achieve their potential makes it perfect for an international arts and education festival. Participants will also be treated to a tour of the school.

The open to public live show finale will take place at the prestigious Ryan Theatre. Fully equipped to industry standards and seating up to 400 people, it is ideal for all forms of music, drama and dance. From music to dance to acting, each act will have the opportunity to share their talents with our wonderful audience from all around the world.


Explore the historic Harrow School estate

Experience new cultures and artforms with fellow performers

Build lifelong friendships that cross borders


For more information or how to apply visit https://www.youngtalentfestival.com/performing-arts-application/