Gallery Teachers operates free and paid giveaway contests with education and lifestyle related prizes.

  1. This contests is operated by Gallery Teachers, by entering into the Contest, you (the Entrant) understands and accepts the below terms and the conditions.
  2. The Entrant will have to exercise a good level of skill, knowledge and understanding to get the correct answer.
  3. The Entrant is solely responsible for providing the correct contact information and maintaining contact information on their account. Gallery Teachers will in no way be held liable if unable to contact Entrant due to incorrect contact information.
  4. The Contest is open for entry to those over the age of 17, any prize intended for juniors must be entered by the parent or legal guardian. The prize can be used by any person in accordance to the prize description.
  5. No current employees of Gallery Teachers may enter any giveaway contest, any entries by Gallery Teachers employees will be invalid and ticket purchase fees will be forfeited.
  6. Only completed Entries which contain the correct answer as held by Gallery Teachers will be entered into the Contest winner draw. Failure to answer the contest question correctly via the website will still result in the entrant being charged.
  7. A random ticket will be allocated to each successful entry to the contest; the winner will be automatically selected by the website’s system with no human input.
  8. The Entrant acknowledges that answering the correct answer and payment to entries does not guarantee that the Entrant will win a prize.
  9. The value of the prize is based on the UK RRP value at the time of contest.
  10. The Maximum number of entries per person (Legal and/or Natural) will be indicated on the contest page.
  11. The Entrants must ensure that, by entering into the contest, they do not contravene any laws of their country of residence. Gallery Teachers will not be liable in any way if an Entrant enters the Contest unlawfully.
  12. Gallery Teachers Reserves the right to refuse or disqualify entries in the contest if there is sufficient evidence that the Entrant has broken any laws or has contravened any of these terms and conditions.
  13. The Contest will be closed before the deadline listed if the entries sell out before said deadline.
  14. If the Contest does not sell all possible tickets before the deadline, the Contest will still go ahead as planned.
  15. All Entries to the Contest are final and no refunds or cancellations shall be made at any time or for any reason, except in the case of entries submitted after the Closing Date or if Gallery Teachers decided to cancel the Contest.
  16. The Entrant acknowledges that by completing their entries into the contest, the digital contest service performed by Gallery Teachers has started. The Entrant will not be able to cancel their entries or request a refund.
  17. The winning Entrant will be contacted via all possible methods with the information provided on the contact form. If the Entrant does not respond within 7 days of the Contest end date, then Gallery Teachers reserves the right to pick a new winner.
  18. In the rare case of any human or computing error, the contest winner draw will re-run using Google random number generator as soon as possible.
  19. There will only be one winner per Contest unless otherwise stated.
  20. The winner will be required to provide proof of identity and proof of entry into the Contest at the time that the prize is collected.
  21. Gallery Teachers reserve the right to cancel any contest at any time regardless if a winner has been selected, in which case all paid tickets will be refunded in full.
  22. If any winning prize became unavailable, Gallery Teacher will replace it with another similar prize at equal or higher value.
  23. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and English courts will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any disputes that may arise out of the terms and conditions.