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Job Summary
Teach English in Spain in January! Become a Language and Cultural Ambassador in Madrid with ConversaSpain, a Spanish organization that cooperates with more than 150 public schools in different regions in Spain. Participants get paid 875 to 1,000 euros monthly and teach 15-16 hours per week over 4 consecutive days. ConversaSpain provides participants with support moving to Spain, initial training, and advice. Apply ASAP or by November 22th: there are limited positions available

Details of Position
Do you want to teach English in Spain? Become a Language and Cultural ambassador in Madrid in January 2019. ConversaSpain cooperates with public schools in different locations across Spain, to help the English department improve the language skills of their students and staff.

Important dates

-Deadline: November 22th
-Program length: January 7th to June 28th

The relation with the schools and the placements are fully managed by the local government. The program provides participants with support moving to Spain, initial training, and advice on every day practical non-school-related matters. The conditions while teaching English in Madrid are:
-16 teaching hours per week
-4 consecutive teaching days
-1,000 monthly stipend
-Mostly rural and pueblo locations, but also in the city

Requirements to Participate

There is no age limit and Spanish skills are not required to participate. However, there are some conditions candidates must fulfill to take part in the program:
-Be native-level English speakers
-Be citizens of a country accepted by the Public Administration (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, and the US)
-Hold a university degree in any subject

Salary and Benefits
Whats included?

-Job placement ensured (Madrid area)
-Monthly stipend: 1,000
-16 teaching hours per week in 4 consecutive teaching days
-Paid school holidays (Easter, and local festivities), except for the summer period
-Pre-departure assistance: help with the visa application process and opening a bank account before arriving
-Welcome document: tips, advice, and practical tools to find permanent accommodation, among others
-Help with the police registration process
-Health insurance (EU citizens living in Europe)
-Orientation in Madrid: initial training and meeting with other participants
-Access to a multimedia platform with lessons, resources, and information
-ConversaSpain emergency support while in Spain
-Certificate of completion at the end of the program (issued by the Regional Education Authority)
-Activities held under the supervision and guidance of school teachers
-Two different programs available

Salary: Monthly stipend: 1,000 

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