I Can Read! Hanoi

Job Summary
Our students acquire native-like English skills through a structured learning approach that combines a unique coded reading system with elements of traditional ESL and natural child development. Inside the classroom, our teachers guide students through this process in small classes. Outside the classroom, our teachers collaborate with colleagues to create magical experiences for both their students and peers.

Details of Position
We believe that happiness is the end goal of all human beings. While all of us want to be happy, human beings are very bad at predicting what will sustain our happiness. We know well what gives us pleasure (for example: alcohol, food, money and fame) but we also realize that those things will not give us long term, sustainable happiness. At I Can Read we believe that happiness is just like a team sport which can be achieved through learning and practices. It requires you to overcome your basic instinct of seeking pleasures, open your mind to new possibilities, learn new theories and practice it with discipline. All partners at I Can Read Hanoi are encouraged to pursue sustainable happiness and contribute to our unique workplace culture.

We are looking for ESL teachers to join our journey to:
Learn the science of happiness and various models of how to use the science of happiness to make happy work.
Defy the traditional tools for running businesses, try and test the most radical tools (and occasionally learn to laugh at failures because not all tools will work).
Work with the best international experts to learn how to build a sustainable company culture.
Inspire other people and businesses to start a happiness movement.

We’re looking for ESL teachers who:
Are truly passionate in teaching and sharing knowledge with others, including very small children.
Are willing to seek information and knowledge that challenges their worldview.
Believe in creating magical experiences for their students and colleagues.

Our current opportunities are available from December to March.

I Can Read will also like you to:
Be a native-level English speaker.
Hold a TEFL/CELTA/TESOL/PGCE Qualification.
Hold a Bachelors or Masters in any subject.
Have at least 1 year experience in English teaching (preferably with children).

For the purposes of obtaining a work permit in Vietnam, government regulations require you to provide:
A copy of your Bachelors Degree; legalized and authenticated.
A copy of your CELTA, TEFL or equivalent teaching qualification; legalized and authenticated.
A clean police clearance from your home country; legalized and authenticated.

We are happy to assist with the process of legalization of documents. Please ask us for help or advice with the legalization procedure and note that this is much easier to organize this before you leave your home country. Bringing the above documents and legalized copies with you to Vietnam will enable you to be legally employed.

Salary and Benefits
We also offer many great benefits including but not limited to:
A unique system designed by Australian Educational Psychologists to teach Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing to children.
Full training in the I Can Read System (with ICR certificate) and a great opportunity to work for an internationally recognized and respected company.
Employee development roadmap supporting professional growth with quarterly feedback.
A badge based compensation system that rewards drive and growth.
A company structure that rewards self-management and gives the flexibility to experience new challenges in different fields.
Fixed weekly teaching schedule with 2 consecutive days off per week.
Very competitive pay rates and annual bonuses.
18 paid annual leave days per year, in addition to public holidays.
Paid sick leave.
Subsidized health insurance.
Reimbursement for work permit.
Relocation support up to $1000 USD.

Salary: Very competitive pay rates and annual bonuses. 

To apply for this job please visit www.icanread.asia.