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Job Summary
Teaching international boys and girls aged 10-18 in the UK countryside at a well-established school, Vacational Studies, with a superb countryside campus. Almost all students are recommended personally or are the children of children from the ’70s and ’80s. £1900 pay for the 4-weeks. Pastoral duties are involved. Sports are entirely voluntary.

Details of Position
Resident teaching post for children aged 10-18 with Vacational Studies at The Mary Hare School, Newbury, Berkshire, UK. Vacational Studies has run Summer Schools for 46 years under the same management. Pay is £1900 for the duration with board and accommodation. All staff have a maximum of 1 duty day + 2 half-day duties each week, or the equivalent. There are also two completely free 24-hour days during the 4-weeks, a Sunday or an excursion day. There are pastoral boarding responsibilities, but involvement in sports and social activities is entirely voluntary.
Applicants must be graduates with a native English-speaking level of competence and hold qualifications such as CTEFLA/CELTA; Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL; PGCE in English/modern languages with TEFL subsidiary; university certificate in TEFL courses. A qualification must be externally validated by a reputable examination body (usually a university or recognised examination board); there must be at least six hours supervised teaching practice (i.e. teaching practice where a qualified assessor observes the trainee teacher teaching real TEFL students and gives feedback on the trainees performance); the course must contain at least 100 hours of TEFL input. )Most online courses do not meet these criteria.)

Salary and Benefits
£1900 including board and accommodation

Salary: £1900 including board and accommodation