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An adaptable, open minder and reflective KS2 classroom practitioner to deliver English and Mathematics to KS3 students. The successful candidate should have excellent interpersonal skills and show an understanding on ‘how students learn’.

 To teach exceptional lessons that engage and challenge all students.
 To create a supportive and stimulating learning environment in the classroom that helps all students to make excellent progress and develop as learners.
 To make a significant contribution to the values and ethos of the school.
 To actively promote and uphold all school policies, for example behaviour policy, assessment policy.

 With direction from the Head of Department and within the context of the school’s curriculum and
schemes of work, plan and prepare effective lessons.
 Teach engaging and effective lessons that motivate, inspire and improve pupil attainment.
 Ensure students acquire and consolidate knowledge, skills and understanding appropriate to the subject taught.
 Ensure that all students achieve at least at chronological age level or, if well below level, make significant and continuing progress towards achieving at chronological age level.
 Direct and supervise support staff assigned to lessons and when required participate in related recruitment and selection activities.
 Organise trips and visits to enhance the learning experience of all students.

 To lead, monitor and evaluate the assessment and feedback to students in line with whole school and department policy.
 To follow department monitoring and tracking systems relating to students attainment, progress and achievement.
 Mark, grade and give written/verbal and diagnostic feedback as required.
 Undertake assessment of students as requested by external examination bodies, curriculum areas and school procedures.
 Assess, record and report on the attendance, progress, development and attainment of students and to keep such records as are required.
 Complete the relevant documentation to assist in the tracking of students.
 To follow department policy regarding department tracking of student progress and use information to inform teaching and learning.

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