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Aoife Tamura

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I have been working in English Language Teaching in Ireland and Japan since 2001 and am currently a Teacher Trainer & Academic Coordinator for Young Learners at Atlantic Galway, which usually involves working with Teachers and Children from 4 years up on our Summer Courses. With the changes that occurred in 2020, my focus shifted to teaching online, which as with most teachers meant adapting lessons to create meaningful learning experiences for General English Adult Learners in 2021. I am currently working in Atlantic College which specializes in Erasmus courses for Teachers in Methodology, ICT or bespoke topics online and in Hybrid or Socially Distanced classes. Over the course of my career, I have taught Business English, ESP, Teacher Training Courses, Exam Courses and delivered in house teacher training on topics such as Motivation, Learner Outcomes, Pronunciation, Project Based Learning and Young Learner methodology.

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I am currently working on an ERASMUS project aiming to develop tools to aid teachers around Europe in the move to online teaching, with the aid of resource packs and innovative digital content.