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Neil Harris

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Marketing Director and Teacher Trainer at CELT Centre for English Language Teaching Cardiff

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I started my career in ELT by chance, doing a CTEFLA with IH London at 106 Piccadilly in 1993 because I couldn’t find a language teaching qualification for teachers of Italian in the UK. This was fortunate as I soon became aware that a career in academia in Italian Studies wasn’t for me and that my true love was language learning and language teaching.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of working in Italy and the UK (mostly the UK) in pretty much every role in the industry (zero-hours teacher, Senior Teacher, EAP Lecturer, DoS, Teacher Trainer, Business Development Manager and Director of Marketing. Here in the UK, I have had the pleasure of working in both private language schools (including four Quality English member schools) and three universities in Wales.  My current role combines agent-based marketing and course development and the pandemic has given me the opportunity to hone my experience in online course delivery, meaning I am now developing online ESP medical English and teacher development programmes.

A quirky fact? I had the pleasure of teaching Abba’s Finance Director. Humbling fact? Delivering OET medical English courses throughout the pandemic to doctors and nurses, the true heroes of our age.