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Steve Derras Tulk

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Teacher Trainer, ELT Consultant, ELT Marketing Consultant – English Path | GBS

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Currently at English Path in West London, I’ve been a teacher for many years – in Europe, the Middle East and in the UK.  I’m an experienced teacher trainer and have held academic management and school management positions in the UK, France and Lebanon.


Within the ELT classroom, I’m particularly interested in diversity and representation, in particular making sure that our students see ‘people like them’ in our lessons.  I’m also a big fan of increasing the representation of international accents in our class materials.  Outside of the classroom, I’m really interested in looking at how the ELT sector can develop stronger marketing and commercial skills.


I’m a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (the RSA), and I really enjoy the networking and non-ELT contacts that I get from this.  I’m a firm believer that, whilst the level of knowledge and experience in our industry is outstanding, the answers to our questions don’t always come exclusively from within our ELT world.


I’m always happy to hear from ELT colleagues.  Drop me a line!