from Steve Hirschhorn, Chair of Membership Committee.

Hello and welcome to Gallery Teachers!

We are a group of passionate professionals committed to providing quality educational services for our members and their students around the globe. Our offices, which are situated in many countries offer support and collaboration to teachers and others who are engaged with English language students and their needs.

Language teaching by its very nature is an isolated profession; teachers and others work more or less on their own or in small groups if they are lucky but often with little contact outside their immediate colleagues. Gallery Teachers is a great opportunity to challenge that isolation by making personal and professional contacts with like-minded people from all over the world – to share ideas, strategies, materials and solutions and perhaps to twin your school with others.

Gallery Teachers is building a huge body of talent amongst its members and all of that talent and knowledge can be shared online through website and our members’ Facebook page and in person through our events, workshops and teacher development sessions held all over the world as well the annual Gallery Teachers AGM to which all members are invited. As a member, you’ll also have exclusive access to articles, videos and other materials produced by members and friends of Gallery Teachers.

We invite you to apply for membership and join us in making the Gallery Teachers organisation unique, vibrant and responsive to the challenging profession we are engaged with.

The committee, members and I look forward very much to welcoming you into our family, working with you and meeting you in person.


Steve Hirschhorn, MA. PGCHE. FHEA.
Chair of Gallery Teachers Membership Committee