Working with and for you!

As a ELT association we have many exciting services and benefits we would like to offer to registered members.

Some of the benefits are:
• a monthly newsletter with space for members’ contributions
• employment legal support (UK)
• membership certificate
• access to online articles and materials
• provision of technical and specialist knowledge
• fora for the exchange of ideas and views
• professional guidance and support for Action Research projects
• local group meetings and workshops
• discounts on major annual events and conferences
• webinars and the chance to contribute to those
• access to like-minded colleagues all over the world
• remote observation and feedback service
• discounts on various products
• access to job opportunities
• professional advice on ELT and associated fields
• access to publishers’ materials

As you can see, our idea is to provide a fantastic, unique service for teachers and related professionals across the world. We plan to be different, innovative and responsive to our members’ needs, just as a good teacher is to her students! so don’t hesitate to suggest any benefits and services you feel would be useful for your professional life.