Set up an English Academy in your school with the help of Gallery Teachers!

Do your students need extra English lessons? Would you like to have English teachers from British Council accredited schools on your teaching team? Gallery Teachers English Academy Project has everything you need!

Whether you want to organise a short English course during the holidays or your students need extra support throughout the year, GT Academy is here to help! We offer a wide range of courses from junior to adult, from creative fun lessons to serious exam preparation. The courses are taught by teachers from our network of British Council accredited schools in the comfort of your own facilities.

Courses We Offer

Course Name

Key Features

General English

English skills and language including grammar, vocabulary pronunciation

English Conversation

Speaking practice for a variety of different topics

Go Create! English

Creative project-based lessons

Go Create! English & Drama

Creative project-based lessons and Drama in English


Studying school subjects through the medium of English

General English plus Trinity GESE Exam

General English language lessons plus speaking practice to prepare for GESE exams

General English plus Trinity ISE Exam

General English lessons plus preparation for ISE exams

FCE Exam Preparation

Exam practice, exam techniques and strategies

PET Exam Preparation

Exam practice, exam techniques and strategies

TELC Exam Preparation

Exam practice, exam techniques and strategies

*We can also make tailor made courses to your requirements.

The Syllabus

Maybe you have a syllabus and your own materials that you want us to teach, or maybe you want us to provide the academic materials and course programme. We are flexible and can do both! Our highly skilled teachers are trained to oversee the complete academic programme, from level testing the students to classing them and recommending which exams to take. Supported by the academic department of their British Council accredited language schools in the UK, you will not be disappointed!

Class Arrangements

Our teachers are flexible and can work to suit the timetable organised by your school.

  • Classes taught in English by qualified native level English speakers.
  • Classes for juniors, adults and teachers.
  • Morning / afternoon classes.
  • Minimum 1 week.
  • Minimum 3 hours per week per class.
  • Maximum 30 hours per week per class.
  • Average of 12 students per class.

How Does It Work?

  1. The local school contacts GT Academy to express interest.
  2. The local school completes our Academic Provisions and Requirements Form (Part 1). 
  3. GT Academy schedules an initial meeting to discuss the local school’s needs, and will discuss:
    1. Course programme
    2. Timescale of project
  4. If the local school confirms, they gather students who are interested in enrolling.
  5. The local school signs the GT Academy contract.
  6. GT Academy organises for a teacher to come from one of our British Council accredited English language schools and arranges their accommodation and flights (if required).
  7. GT Academy teacher conducts English Placement Testing, classes the students and recommends suitable exams to be taken (if required)
  8. GT Academy classes start.
  9. GT Academy teacher keeps lesson records and attendance records.
  10. On completing the course, each student receives an End of Course Certificate at a Graduation Ceremony.

Course Duration

Short course (1-3 weeks)

  • Minimum 15 hours per week per teacher (5x 3 hour lessons).
  • Maximum 30 hours per week per teacher (10x 3 hour lessons).

Long course (4 weeks +)

  • 3 hours of classes per week.
  • A 48 hour course will have its classes taught within a 4 month period.

The Teachers

All the GT Academy English Language teachers are native level and fully qualified with at least a CELTA or equivalent.

Before they teach on your course, they are fully checked in the following ways:

  1. academic interview with our Director of Studies
  2. academic references provided from previous teaching
  3. police check / criminal record check

All the GT Academy teachers are contracted by their British Council accredited language Schools, with a maximum of 21 hours of teaching contact time per week. These schools are fully responsible for their employment and academic support.

GT Academy will look after the teacher’s logistics, including flights and accommodation if needed.

The Team

GT Academy teachers are part of the international GT network of freelance teachers based all around the world. You will find some of them below:

Andrea Ostapski

Andrea is a truly international teacher and has taught English in Italy, China, Spain and France. She has also delivered Teacher Training in Tunisia and run summer centres in the UK.

Frank Sheridan

Frank has taught English in Taiwan, Spain and Chile as well as run English courses across the UK including in the beautiful historic Oxford. He is an adventurer at heart and has also worked in a ski resort and on an alpaca farm.

Chloe Akers

Chloe has taught English throughout Italy from north to south and back again. She is passionate about History of Art and enjoys working on her Italian language skills (not in her English classes though of course!)

Scott Mckenzie

Scott has taught in several countries including Italy and the UK. He enjoys helping students become more confident and creative with their English.

Roby Forbes

Roby has travelled widely and has lived and taught in Italy and Switzerland. She loves to help her students with achieving their goals and seeing the smiles on their faces when they do!

Larissa Albano

Larissa is a lover of languages and has taught English largely in Italy. She is a versatile teacher who enjoys teaching young learners and adults.

Hilary Beard

Hilary has taught English in Italy, and enjoys sharing her in-depth knowledge of the USA with her students.She is a keen linguist and has also worked as an interpreter.

Chris Bartlett

Chris has travelled throughout Europe, teaching and running courses in the UK, Hungary, Czech Republic and Italy. He has taught creative writing as well as English Literature and encourages students to read widely and try their own creative writing skills.

John Allen

John has taught in Spain, Italy and the UK and is a versatile teacher who always puts his students first. He likes trekking up mountains (although walking down is always easier!) in his free time.

Sean McConville

Sean has taught in several major cities including London, Dublin and Milan. He is a lover of Latin languages and speaks Spanish, Portuguese and some Italian.

Steve Hirschhorn

Steve has taught all around the world, from China to Germany everywhere in between. He is a seasoned teacher trainer and loves to empower teachers all around the world by sharing his knowledge and experience.

Wilma Vanetti

Wilma is a creative teacher of adults and children. She enjoys giving her own twist to classroom activities so her lessons are memorable and fun.

Michael Rodbourne

Michael has taught in Budapest and Beijing. He loves to help students improve their spoken English and has taken up the challenge of learning Hungarian, Mandarin and German so really knows how to learn a language!

Anna Joner

Anna is a well travelled teacher who has spent a lot of time in Brazil as well taught in Italy and the UK. She likes students to learn in creative ways and has also led excursions in and around places of interest in London.

Testimonial from Crispi School – Palermo, Italy

Chloe Akers, Andrea Ostapski and Mike Rodbourne have been teaching in my school “Damiani Almeyda-Crispi” – Palermo, to prepare students for certification exams. They’ve proven to be very professional, flexible, always available to meet us and discuss students’ problems and re-arrange their classes. Students have enjoyed their lessons very much thanks to their capability to be communicative, friendly, dedicated and very professional in managing lessons. It’s been a great pleasure to work with them!

Alessandra Colonna Romano

Testimonial from Marco Polo School – Palermo, Italy

Andrea Ostapski and Chloe Akers carried out 32 hours of English language tuition from 10th October 2016 to 10th February 2017 at Marco Polo Institute in Palermo.

During this time they taught General English to students, teachers and people from our administration with very different levels of linguistic skills. They were hard-working and dedicated to their classes, motivating their students to make progress over the duration of the course.

Cooperation between the school and the two teachers proved most effective right from day one. Andrea and Chloe gave their attention and care to the solution of whatever problems might have ever arisen in the day by day handling of the classes, showing great kindness and interest in the well-being of our learners.

Both the students and the adults involved have said how much they enjoyed their classes and found them useful.

All in all, a very positive outcome and we would be pleased to welcome these teachers in a future project at our school.

Camarrone Tiziana