Gallery Teachers Reporter is a fantastic opportunity to give a voice to schools all around the World.

Yes, you will be able to Speak Up and express yourself!
This project is fully dedicated to secondary school students and their teachers, and of course… it is all in English!!!

Gallery Teachers Reporter offers a free channel to interact with students from everywhere in the World.
In fact, we believe that working together in projects, creating materials, organizing twinning or just presenting your school and your town is the best way to introduce yourself and get to know each other, to build your international network…
This is why Gallery Teachers Reporter exists!

With Gallery Teachers Reporter your school will be visible worldwide through the GT Social Media, Website and EFLmagazine and through all our Language School partners.

The countries already involved are:

  • Belarus
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Tunisia
  • UK
  • Kazakhstan

To be part of this project you need: 

  • To be a State or Private Secondary School.
  • To have dedicated English Language Teacher/s.
  • To complete an application form signed by the school Director/Principal.

This project is completely FREE, no fees.

Once confirmed you will: 

  • Be introduced to all the other schools already part of GT Reporter.
  • Receive a certificate to attest you are fully engaged in the project.
  • Receive a welcome pack from our main office in London and a welcome email from all the other secondary schools already part of the project.
  • Receive vouchers to help you with fantastic discounts to organise a study abroad program, English courses in your school, drama projects and much more!!!

To request an application form please send an email directly to Giovanni Rottura using his personal e-mail address:

You can also have a Skype Conference Call to have more information.

Giovanni’s Skype address is