Gallery Teachers has the pleasure to present to you Rhyme On Time, a workshop specially dedicated to primary and secondary school students. This workshop introduces a new approach to studying English in a fun and stimulating way.

The workshop is run by teacher Jason R. Levine, a native English speaker from New York with 15 years of experience in the ESL-EFL sector. Jason uses a new methodology of teaching through rap music and videos which he personally creates. His approach has already had great success in 14 countries around the world.

During the 90-minute workshop, Jason performs and interacts directly with the students, providing them with the opportunity to build and practice their reading, listening, and speaking skills.

The following links are examples of workshops held in Belgium, Italy and Tunisia during the last year.

This unique and highly popular workshop has attracted the attention of both local and international media. Over the next year 120 workshops have been scheduled in the following countries: Italy, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Belgium, and Tunisia. We would like to know if your school may be interested in being a host.

The workshop includes additional benefits for the students as outlined in the attached PowerPoint presentation. As the workshop serves 100 or more students collectively, the host is expected to provide an assembly hall with at least 150-200 seats and both video projection and speaker systems.
For any questions or clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us at janice@galleryteachers.com.