Theatre comes to you

The first way is to attend a show that is set up within your school or company. Professional actors put on very high quality, original plays in English. In the case of schools, teachers will be provided with handouts containing insights, glossaries, questions related to the show and educational material that is useful to deepen the understanding of the themes dealt within the show. The work will therefore not just be limited to the enjoyment of the show, but will be done before and after by the teachers and students.

You are theatre!

Another way to learn English is to recite it. The students become real actors and a director / trainer guides them in the staging of their performance. In just 3 hours a day, the class will be able to set up their theatrical work. The choice of title or subject can be requested by the school (or company), or created by the students themselves. Alternatively, G.T.D. offers a wide selection of the most beautiful works ever written (from Shakespeare to contemporary musicals).

An immersive 360° experience.

Team building

Team Building is a methodology that improves team dynamics in every field, both professional and otherwise. Through team building games and activities, participants improve their relationships with each other, their listening and communication skills, expressing their creativity, and overcome barriers. It is an active and effective method that is great for companies, schools, and sports teams.

UK residencial project

We offer students of all ages from around the world the wonderful opportunity to do a project with us in the UK.
Staying in trusted and friendly host families and experiencing first-hand the heart of English culture and tradition, our UK residential projects are a wonderful way to assimilate the English way of life, improve language and communication skills with English lessons and drama workshops, perform a theatre show in English, and have lots of fun!

A typical week will include:
+ Host family accommodation with full-board (packed lunches)
+ Return airport transfer with ‘meet and greet’ service
+ A welcome pack, teaching material, certificate and final written report
+ 15 hours of drama workshops, including final performance
+ 1 full day excursion to Oxford
+ 4 half-day excursion to London
+ Full cultural and recreational activity programme
+ One professional theatre show in London or Oxford
+ Group leaders are provided with single-room host family accommodation and come for free with every 15 students travelling to us.

We offer a series of cultural heritage and CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning) projects funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+. The series is called ‘Great Stories of Mankind’, and explores humanity’s rich heritage of stories, from the Greek Odyssey to the Finnish Kalevala, to the English Canterbury Tales and many more.
Teachers from around Europe can apply to receive Erasmus+ funding to take part in one of our projects, and travel to locations around Europe where they will experience an unforgettable week exploring the history and culture surrounding the great stories of mankind.
The main methodological form is CLIL through drama. Participants assimilate cultural and historical information surrounding the tales (guided by the cultural heritage expertise of the Chain Foundation), and are taught how to transform the information into short sketches and plays which, through a highly enjoyable process of collective creativity, are performed in groups. This approach to learning and transmission has proven to be highly effective, both from the point of view of developing confidence in communication and in terms of absorbing information and bringing it to life. The team-bonding that drama brings generates an ideal working environment and allows new, valuable CLIL techniques to be added to participants’ teaching tools, whilst learning about literature, history, culture and visiting new, wonderful locations.

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