Feet on the ground head in the clouds*

By Teatro delle Formiche

* for nursery and primary school

The story that we have conceived speaks about Alma, a funny and dreamy character between adulthood and childhood, and her friend Gaia, a quite cute plant with long leaves. Together they will embark on a journey that will explore Nature’s four elements, its character’s personification and, in the end, the human soul itself.
More info http://www.teatrodelleformiche.it/portfolio-item/feet-on-the-ground-head-on-the-clowds/

Alice – Who dreamed it?*

By Dual band

* for first-grade secondary school

When a children’s book is beautiful, it’s not just for kids: it’s for everyone, because it awakens the baby that is still in each of us.
Why is Alice Eternal? Because she is a child, at the same time indomitable and curious, tender and sensible. Alice dreams, but even in her dreams she is able to maintain a sense of solidarity as she roots in the proverbial humour of the English.
More info https://www.ladualband.com/alice-who-dreamed-it

Romeo and Juliet*

By Dual band

* for second-grade secondary school

Two native English speakers on the stage expressing the characters of the most beautiful love story in the world. Imitating each and every young man in the tragedy (Juliet, Romeo, Mercuzio, Tebaldo), Benedetta Borciani hires a real body in Shakespeare’s direction, flashing from a duel to a dreamless kiss, seamlessly yet with absolute clarity.
More info https://www.ladualband.com/romeo-and-juliet

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