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Gallery Teachers TEFL certificate course is an online teaching methodology course that will help you take your teaching career off the ground, and allow you to join the Gallery Teachers community of newly qualified and experienced English language educators from around the world. 

This 180 hour course has been written by a collaborative team of experienced CELTA trainers and offers quality training delivered in a highly interactive way. The course is 100% online but it brings the theory to life by providing opportunities to observe real teachers and students in action. 

This course is suitable for native and non-native speakers. There is no set start date and once you have registered, you can complete it at your own pace.

180 hours of high quality training content
Written by CELTA trainers in consultation with leading industry employers
Official certificate issued by internationally reputed Gallery Teachers
Delivered by British Council accredited English language school
Interactive learning and multi-layered assessments
Multimedia delivery including video, audio, photo and text
Online discussion forums to enhance peer to peer learning
Supported by online tutors and the Gallery Teachers community


Activity Based Learning

The entire training content is activity based so you ‘learn by doing’. All individual tasks have answers provided, and there is an end-of-lesson input commentary, summarising what you have studied in each lesson to help you organise your knowledge. It is important that you attempt all tasks before checking answers as this will allow you to process information as well as monitor your own progress. 

Downloadable Material

All training content can be downloaded as worksheets for your future reference to support you after you have completed the course. 

Online Tutor 

Throughout the course, you will receive personalised feedback and two short progress reports written by your assigned personal tutor. Your online tutor will mark your assignments and help you stay on top of your work.

Official Certificates

One you have completed the course, you will receive an official downloadable PDF certificate. A FREE hard copy certificate printed on our secure certificate paper is also available upon request (subject to standard courier / postage charges).


The course consists of eleven Modules and covers ALL aspects of EFL teaching, including language skills and systems, lesson planning and classroom management. 

Each Module is divided into ten to fifteen individual lessons and includes explanatory videos, audio recordings from experienced teachers and classroom observations. This means that you will have an opportunity to observe real TEFL lessons and listen to senior teachers sharing their ideas, in order to make your learning experience more authentic, meaningful and engaging. 

List of Modules

Principles of Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What Do We Teach When We Teach English
Lesson 2- Focus on the Student
Lesson 3 - Focus on the Teacher
Lesson 4 - The Communicative Classroom
Lesson 5 - Ways to Begin a Lesson (1)
Lesson 6 - Demonstration Lesson - Ways to Begin a Lesson (2)
Lesson 7 - Devise Your Own Lead-in. Your Turn
Lesson 8 - Tips on How to Be an Effective Teacher
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Reading Skills

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What, Why and How- Reading in Students’ Own Lives
Lesson 2 - Reading Sub-Skills
Lesson 3 - Why do Students Need Help with Reading; Difficulties & Solutions
Lesson 4 - Demonstration Lesson - Reading Skills
Lesson 5 - Alternative Ideas for the Demonstration Lesson
Lesson 6 - Structure of a Reading Skills Lesson
Lesson 7 - Ideas for Tasks
Lesson 8 - Tips for a Successful Reading Skills Lesson
Lesson 9 - Writing Effective Comprehension Questions
Lesson 10 - Designing Your Own Tasks
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Listening Skills

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What, Why and How - Listening in Students’ Own Lives
Lesson 2 - Ways of Listening and Listening Sub-Skills
Lesson 3 - Differences Between Listening and Reading
Lesson 4 - Difficulties Students Face When Listening
Lesson 5 - What Happens When We Listen-Top-down & Bottom-up Processing
Lesson 6 - Demonstration Lesson - Listening Skills
Lesson 7 - Listening Lesson Framework lesson plan missing
Lesson 8 - Ideas for Pre-and While-Listening Tasks and Task Aims
Lesson 9 - Criteria for Good Follow-up Activities and Ideas for Tasks
Lesson 10 - Guidelines and Tips for a Successful Listening Lesson
Lesson 11 - Designing Your Own Lesson
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Speaking Skills

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What, Why and How - Speaking in Students’ Own Lives
Lesson 2 - Difficulties Students Face When Speaking
Lesson 3 - Features of Spoken Language and Speaking Sub-Skills and Strategies
Lesson 4 - Demonstration Lesson- Speaking Skills (1)
Lesson 5 - Speaking Lesson Framework
Lesson 6 - Two Approaches to Teaching Speaking Skills. Demonstration Lesson (2)
Lesson 7 - Features of a Good Speaking Activity
Lesson 8 - Ideas for Tasks
Lesson 9 - Feedback on Speaking Activities
Lesson 10 - Tips for a Successful Speaking Lesson
Lesson 11 - Designing Your Own Lesson
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Writing Skills

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - Writing in Students’ Lives and Different Text Types (Genres)
Lesson 2 - Differences Between Writing and Speaking. Features of a Written Text (1)
Lesson 3 - Features of a Written Text (2); Discourse
Lesson 4 - Helping Students Improve Their Writing Skills. Your Turn
Lesson 5 - Approaches to Teaching Writing (1) Product Writing
Lesson 6 - Approaches to Teaching Writing (2) Process Writing
Lesson 7 - Sub-Skills and Stages in Writing
Lesson 8 - Feedback on Writing; Correction Code
Lesson 9 - Tips for a Successful Writing Lesson
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Grammar

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What is Grammar?
Lesson 2 - Students’ Perspective and Learner Needs
Lesson 3 - Analysing Grammar for Teaching Purposes
Lesson 4 - Presenting Grammar (1) Stages and Aims of the PPP Approach
Lesson 5 - Presenting Grammar (2) Guided Discovery
Lesson 6 - Features of a Good Presentation
Lesson 7 - Clarifying Grammar (1) Meaning
Lesson 8 - Clarifying Grammar (2) Form
Lesson 9 - Clarifying Grammar (3) Pronunciation
Lesson 10 - Alternative Approaches. Test-Teach-Test
Lesson 11 - Practice Activities
Lesson 12 - Analysing Grammar for Teaching Purposes
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Lexis

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What is Lexis? Types of Lexis
Lesson 2 - Identifying Collocations, Fixed Phrases and Idioms
Lesson 3 - Criteria for Choosing Lexis to Teach in the Classroom
Lesson 4 - Problems Students Have with Lexis
Lesson 5 - Introducing Lexis - Strategies for Conveying Meaning
Lesson 6 - Clarifying Lexis (1) Meaning
Lesson 7 - Demonstration Lesson - Clarifying Lexis (2) Form and Pronunciation
Lesson 8 - Analysing Form and Pronunciation
Lesson 9 - Stages of a Lexis Lesson
Lesson 10 - Approaches to Teaching Lexis
Lesson 11 - Strategies for Recording and Recycling Language
Lesson 12 - Practice Activities
Lesson 12 - Analysing Lexis for Teaching Purposes. Your Turn
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Functional Language

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What is Functional Language?
Lesson 2 - Identifying Functions
Lesson 3 - Features of Functional Language
Lesson 4 - Analysing Functions for Teaching Purposes
Lesson 5 - Demonstration Lesson - Staging
Lesson 6 - Assessing Coursebook Material
Lesson 7 - Designing Your Own Lesson
Summary & End of Module Test

Teaching Pronunciation

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - What is Pronunciation? When and Why to Teach It?
Lesson 2 - Features of Pronunciation (1) Sounds
Lesson 3 - Phonemic Chart and Its Classroom Application
Lesson 4 - Features of Pronunciation (2) Word Stress
Lesson 5 - Features of Pronunciation (3) Sentence Stress
Lesson 6 - Identifying Strong and Weak Forms
Lesson 7 - Features of Pronunciation (4) Connected Speech
Lesson 8 - Features of Pronunciation (5) Intonation
Lesson 9 - Drilling
Lesson 10 - Tips for Teaching Pronunciation
Lesson 11 - Identifying Features of Pronunciation
Summary & End of Module Test

Lesson Planning

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - Why Lesson Plan. Planning Decisions
Lesson 2 - Lesson Planning (1) Identifying and Defining Aims
Lesson 3 - Practice Writing Lesson Aims 
Lesson 4 - Lesson Planning (2) Writing a Lesson Plan Procedure
Lesson 5 - Lesson Planning (3) Stages and Stage Aims
Lesson 6 - Lesson Planning (4) Anticipating Problems - Language Analysis
Lesson 7 - Lesson Planning (5) Anticipating Problems - Classroom Management
Lesson 8 - Formal Lesson Plan. Guidelines for Completing Lesson Plans
Lesson 9 - Approaches to Lesson Planning
Lesson 10 - Planning with Course Books
Lesson 11 - Using Authentic Materials
Summary & End of Module Test

Classroom Management

Introduction and Learning Objectives
Lesson 1 - Classroom Management- Organising, Managing, Monitoring
Lesson 2 - Setting Up Activities
Lesson 3 - Giving Instructions (1)
Lesson 4 - Demonstration Lesson - Giving Instructions (2)
Lesson 5 - Monitoring and providing Feedback
Lesson 6 - Error Correction (1)
Lesson 7 - Error Correction (2)
Lesson 8 - Demonstration Lesson - Elicitation Techniques
Lesson 9 - Student-Centred and Teacher-Centred Activities
Lesson 10 - Maximising Student Interaction. TTT and STT
Lesson 11 - Classroom Management Tips for an Effective Lesson
Summary & End of Module Test


There are two forms of assessment on the course that will help you assimilate what you are learning and measure your progress: 

  • end-of-lesson and end-of-module assessment (typically short quizzes in the form of multiple choice questions with answers provided)
  • written assignments assessed against specific criteria (writing tasks, including designing your own teaching activities assessed by your online tutor)

There is no final exam at the end of the course but you will be required to submit a final assignment in the form of a complete lesson plan.  

You will need to achieve a total score of 75% to pass the course.


Gallery Teachers Membership

Gallery Teachers is an international EFL organisation with a global network made up of EFL teachers, language professionals, schools and institutions.

Completing your GT TEFL Certificate will automatically grant you Associate Membership (AmGT) and all of the membership benefits offered to our registered members which include:

  • International Umbrella Contractor Services
  • International Payment & Exchange (Coming Soon in 2021)
  • Monthly Newsletter
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Access to Jobs

You can broaden your job prospect with Gallery Teachers.

Gallery Teachers offers recruitment services to some of the best EFL organisations in the world. We connect English Language professionals, schools and students with each other to find the perfect match.

Furthermore, Gallery Teachers is also a principle organiser for teacher exchange programme to countries such as China and Italy. This programme is perfect for those who would love to travel and teach in different locations and to experience different cultures.

Lastly, you can always upload your resume online and apply to the hundreds of live jobs on our website.

Online EFL Community

Join our Facebook group and connect with 6000 + like-minded colleagues from all over the world.

Affiliate Programme

Our Affiliate Programme is where great minds come together to create innovative training solutions for TEFL communities from around the world. 

Becoming an Affiliate

If you are a TEFL influencer, blogger, TEFL trainer, teacher training provider or an EFL institution, our affiliate programme is a simple way to ensure the younger EFL professionals whom you work with receive the best possible training at discounted price.

For more information please contact membership@galleryteachers.com.


Gallery Teachers is looking for TEFL trainers, reputable schools and organisations to collaborate and deliver a wide range of courses to learners.

We are interested in e-learning publishing in the following areas:

  • Optional addon to the Gallery Teachers' TEFL certificate course
  • CPD training and courses
  • Other specialist courses

We work with content writers to ensure the e-learning courses meet our required standards and we take care of all the technical aspects of online course delivery so the author can just focus on creating a great course for the learners, including:

  • Voice and audio recording studio
  • Course delivery and payment platform
  • HTML coding
  • Help to develop automated and manual online course assessment strategy
  • Sales and marketing

We offer industry leading royalty scheme to the course authors. If you are interested to work with us, please contact us on editorial@galleryteachers.com with your ideas.

We have created this free online course to help you to learn more about how our e-learning platform operates.

Gallery Teachers has been a supporter and contributor to the global English language teaching community for 25 years

Being an EFL teacher can be an unforgettable experience that allows you to travel to all corners of the world, Gallery Teachers is here to help you in every step of that journey!

TEFL Certificate Add-on Modules 

When choosing the next steps in your career as an EFL Teacher, it’s important that you get the right foundation blocks to help you succeed. These add-on courses are entirely self-paced, meaning you can fit study around your life in a way that works best for you.

This add-on module provides you with the vital knowledge of English grammar and explains it in a clear and simple way. We always recommend you to take the grammar module as early as possible. Remember, you can’t teach something that you don’t know. The Language Awareness and Grammar Module is provided to you completely free of charge.

Launching end of Oct 2020

Teaching young learners can be challenging but extremely rewarding at the same time. If you are looking for work opportunities in summer camps, primary or secondary schools or language schools, this is the right module for you. Gallery Teachers has over 25 years of experience in working with young learners and our knowledge in this field is second to none.

Coming Soon

Teaching English online is an excellent alternative to teaching abroad. Nevertheless, the flexibility, comfort and freedom of online teaching also presents many challenges that could overwhelm an unprepared teacher. If you are interested to teach English online, or wonder how to make your online classroom interesting and fun, then this is the right module for you.

Launching end of Nov 2020

What does other EFL experts say about our course?

“I did my first TEFL course 40 years ago. I didn’t realise then the career, travel and friendship doors it would open for me. I can highly recommend the Gallery Teachers TEFL course to you. Time to start your own adventure.”

Mark has a wealth of experience having worked on English language holiday courses for over 40 years. He holds many qualifications including a Masters Degree in Modern Language Teaching. He has written a number of EFL books including ‘Relay 3’ which is a successful and innovative book written especially for English language short courses, and the ‘Global Young Leaders Organiser’. He also designed the Course and Vocabulary Organiser which is given to every student who attends the Millfield English Language Courses where mark is the Director. Apart from his work at Millfield, Mark is also an examiner for Trinity College London and is currently Chair of English UK South West.

Mark Greennow

Thomas Jones

“I have been working with Gallery Teachers to deliver teacher training in Europe and Middle East for many years, this course crystallise all of the important TEFL knowledge in a simple interactive package. Superb!”

Thomas Jones has lived in more than a dozen countries and delivered training in over 70. He is principal of an international college in the summer, teaches at universities and schools around the world and is invited to speak regularly at global conferences year round. He runs his own training company and is a consultant for Telc, and others.

… The Gallery Teachers 180-hour Online TEFL Course, which is the first in a series of CPD training to EFL Professionals, will not only give you the start you need, but will enable you to travel the world and live abroad as a TEFL qualified teacher…

… Working together with KKCL English – a reputable British Council Accredited school in London, our team of experienced EFL professionals ensure that everything you learn is essential and beneficial to your future career in teaching English as a foreign language…

… Our course utilises interactive learning, with multimedia delivery of authentic materials, including in-class demo lessons videos, informational animations and videos, real-life audio recordings, images, text, tasks and assessment…

Comparison between GT and other TEFL courses

i-to-i TEFL org uk TEFL Academy TEFL UK
Price £349 £795 £449 £360 £229
Always on “Discount”
Course Length 210h 300h 168h 198h 220h
Dedicated FREE Standalone Grammar Knowledge Module
Years of Experience 25 years 8 years 12 years 8 Years 8 Years
British Council Accredited English Language School
Member of English UK
Member of Quality English
Member of ICEF
Ofqual Regulated Direct Recognition Pending Gatehouse Awards Ltd Training Qualifications UK Ltd Qualifi Ltd
Developed with Employers
Endorsed by Reputable TEFL Trainers
Online Tutor Support
PIC – 934797149
Time to Complete 12 months 10 weeks 6 months 6 months 90 days

So what are you waiting for? Get on board!

Gallery Teachers is a UK based global network made up of EFL teachers, language professionals, schools and institutions.

Working closely with English language schools, industry associations and the EU’s Erasmus+ (previously Comenius, Leonardo Da Vinci and Grundtvig) programme, we have been delivering EFL and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses, workshops, conferences and webinars at home and overseas for the past 25 years.

Having had experience with many ITT (initial teacher training) courses, we feel that few online and blended learning TEFL courses deliver engaging activity based learning experience, with many online courses only offering text-based input and lacking interactive multimedia delivery.

Gallery Teachers TEFL course not only offers learner the best contents, it is also one of the most recognised course in Europe and Asia thanks to our extensive footprint in the EFL industry and business operations around the world.