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E-learning Courses Publishing:

Gallery Teachers is a global network of EFL learners and ELT professionals.

Among our services, we provide e-learning courses for English learners and training for English language teachers and school professionals.

Our certified safeguarding and GDPR courses are highly recognised in the ELT industry, and we are looking for Gallery Teachers members, reputable schools and organisations to collaborate and deliver a wide range of great value courses to learners.

We are interested in e-learning publishing in the following areas:

  • TEFL courses
  • CPD training and courses
  • EFL and ESOL courses
  • Other specialist courses that would benefit the EFL industry

We work with the authors to ensure the e-learning courses meet our required standards and we take care of all the technical aspects of online course delivery so the author can just focus on creating a great course for the learners, including:

  • Recording studio for courses that require video elements and video hosting
  • Course delivery and payment platform
  • HTML coding
  • Help to develop automated and manual online course assessment strategy
  • Sales and marketing

We offer both certified and non-certified courses on our website, certified courses are either accredited by Gallery Teachers or a reputable school or organisation.

We have industry leading royalty scheme to the course authors, not only that, you can promote your profile to tens of thousands of Gallery Teachers users. If you are interested to work with us, please contact us on editorial@galleryteachers.com with your ideas.

We have created this free online course to help you to learn more about how our e-learning platform operates.

ELT Blog Submission

Gallery Teachers is a network of international teachers and among our activities, we have an EFL blog which is aimed to inspire creative ideas in English language teaching and learning.

We have over 20.000 members worldwide and have a very strong following on social media. We don’t pay for articles and we very rarely accept paid or sponsored articles, however we are always happy to credit the author with a bio and a link to their website or social media profile.

If you are interested, please submit your article using the submission form below. Don’t forget to read Gallery Teachers Editorial Instructions.

Before you make a submission please ensure your article has been proofread, If your blog contains grammatical mistakes or is poorly written, you won’t receive a response.

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