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Before you make a submission please ensure your article has been proofread and has high-quality content, If your blog contains grammatical mistakes or is poorly written, your article will not be published.

Tips on Writing A Great Article

Article Length

We suggest articles be at 900 – 2000 words in length. If you have a longer article, then you can submit it as 2 parts or part of a series of articles. Make sure you let us know if the article is the first part of many!

Headings and Catch Phrase

A big block of text looks boring, make good use of headings and catchphrase to break up chunks of text. Use Heading 2, Heading 3 and Heading 4 in your word processor.


Use relevant photos to attract readers and make your article more interesting to read. Be sure to only use royalty-free photos or photos that you own, below are some good website to find royalty-free photos.

  1. Pixabay– Here, you’ll find all sorts of public domain pictures and photos, free to use for your purposes.
  2. Unsplash– All the pictures here are a CC0 license, meaning you can copy and use them for free.
  3. Refe– This is a database of royalty-free stock photos. Just click on the free photo tab, and you’re in business.
  4. My Stock Photos– This site gives you countless beautiful photographs that are all stock images, available for both your personal or commercial endeavours.
  5. New Old Stock – These are vintage pictures from public archives, free from known copyright restrictions.
  6. FoodiesFeed– Are you a food blogger? This will be your heaven! Find a whole archive of food images that you may use without attribution (but, you cannot resell.)
  7. Public Domain Archive– Just click on the tab for free stock photos or go through their beautiful weekly images.
  8. Life of Pix – Another stock photo site, where you can find free high-resolution photos without copyright restrictions.
  9. SplitShire– Looking for even more free, high-quality stock photos? The creator of this site lets you download and use all of their personal shots for free. They also have a free video archive!
  10. Photogen– Even more free stock photos, for all of your commercial and personal needs.


Consider ending your article with questions such as ‘What are your thoughts?’ to promote interaction. Please only submit your own work, the article has to be original, not copy and pasted from another blog even if it is written by you. We only accept submission from registered user on our website and it must be word document format.

Lastly, don’t forget to give us your bio, a great looking photo of yourself as well as the website or social link you wish us to include. Please note the article should not be a direct advertisement but we do allow a subtle link to related product or service. If you are signed in, you can use the below submission form to submit your article.

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