Lights Camera Action was a fantastic music project undertaken by KKCL teachers and their talented students. We want to share the success of the project with you so that you are able to COMPETE FOR THE  TOP PRIZE…  

The music project involved a narrative in which an orange tiger (based rather subtly on Winnie-the-Pooh’s Tigger…) is searching endlessly for a job, until our wonderful Director of Studies – Emma Lauson – kindly welcomes him with open arms to our school where he settles in straight away and quickly becomes the top cat (hilarious, we know).


The story is a heartwarming tale of the importance of community, kindness and perseverance in what can sometimes be a daunting world.


The students partaking showed exceptional skill, initiative, creativity and imagination throughout the video production, which proved to be the perfect recipe for an inspiring end result and a very happy tiger…

Please see the original video below (of which we are very proud!):

We are offering the opportunity of a lifetime to you and your students:

We invite you to create your own project using the same song with the materials music project we provide you with below, in order to compete for the prize of a week in London attending an English course completely FREE of charge at KKCL.

Included in this much sought-after package will be the airport pick-up, full board accommodation, travelcard, all academic programmes and excursion programmes.

How to participate (it’s really simple!):

  1. Make your own version of this video (music and/or video).
  2.  Upload it to FB with the hashtag #lightscameraaction
  3. Send us the link.

We have prepared for you the karaoke version, scores, lyrics, acapella track and instrumental track below:


We can’t stress how exciting and worthwhile a music project opportunity this is for you and your students to embark upon – and everybody loves a bit of healthy competition, after all!