Dear members, colleagues, and friends,

How often do you go to ELTs’ conferences? Gallery Teachers is supporting an important meeting of teachers called EdYouFest. This is an interesting concept in teacher ‘conferences’ – it’s small, highly focused yet relaxed, extremely sociable and eminently affordable. The aim is to make it accessible to teachers from all parts of the world and so far, it’s been rather successful in that endeavour having hosted teachers from too many countries to mention.

The 2018 EdYouFest is welcoming not only language teachers but teachers of other disciplines with the idea of creating some cross-curricula exchange. After all, do History Teachers know how to teach language and do Language Teachers understand the problems that Maths Teachers face? Given that we are all engaged with education, in its broadest and most encompassing sense, wouldn’t it be interesting to discover what our colleagues do and how they do it? Now, this is not the primary aim of EdYouFest 2018, it’s rather a collateral effect of encouraging teachers of other disciplines to join in.

There are three extraordinary plenary speakers: Tim Bowen, Ken Paterson and Susanne Lewis, all authors, all colleagues of ours and all with unique and fascinating insights into the work we do. Tim is looking at some of the curiosities of English including how some of our new words are created. Ken is exploring the area of ‘spoken grammar’ noting that much of the spoken language we habitually use is not generally included in course books and will be presenting ideas on how to manage such language in the classroom. Susanne’s plenary looks at the highly topical area of ‘storytelling’ in public speaking, that is creating a map to ensure that your listeners follow you from the beginning to the end, she will also be presenting ideas on public speaking specifically designed for your learners.

We are also very pleased to welcome a group of workshop presenters who will blow your socks off! We have so many topics, from using songs to foster learning, through managing teens and ‘extreme’ Task Based Learning to peace studies, charisma and much, much more. I think you’ll agree the line-up is exceptional and yet, there’s more to tell you…
The final afternoon will offer spaces for anyone who would like to run a workshop literally ‘off the cuff’! This is an opportunity to have a go if you’ve never delivered a session or present a topic which perhaps follows up on a previous workshop.

As is the tradition of EdYouFest, great evening activities will be included so that participants can get to know each other even better – which of course is fundamental to what EdYouFest stands for.

This year’s event takes place in Millfield School, Street, in the South West of the UK. Millfield School is one of the best private schools in the UK and runs the best ELT summer school that I have ever had the honour of being involved with, I happen to be the ELT Consultant to that organisation.
The facilities are peerless, with swimming pool, beautiful grounds, tennis courts and more. Accommodation is in houses dotted around the campus while meals are served in the wonderful dining room.

Outside of conference activities, it’s also worth mentioning that there’s some good shopping to be had in Street since there’s an outlet about 20 minutes’ walk from the campus!

All in all, EdYouFest could not find a better partner venue; one which fosters great quality education in an atmosphere of conviviality and enthusiasm.

Giovanni Rottura, Philip Pound and I are really looking forward to seeing you in August, we hope you can make it.

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Happy teaching and learning
April 2018
Steve Hirschhorn
Chair of Gallery Teachers Membership Committee