The launch of the Young Talent festival was a howling success. Musicians, dancers, singers and rock artists came together for the show of a lifetime.

This was an ambitious project that challenged, provoked and tested everyone involved. Nevertheless, talent prevailed. The Festival is young, and 2018 is the beginning of something phenomenal.

From our activity leaders to PR team, to our film crew and stage engineers, our senior managers and directors, every single person collaborated together with endless energy, creating a veritable tour-de-force.

From Italy to China, to France, the UK, India and the Americas, countries and cultures were represented from every continent. The investment and energy that went into every single aspect of the launch was abundant.

The building blocks of the Festival were solidified by the individuals who contributed and participated with passion and dedication. The arts are a crucial bridge between nations and cultures, and the Festival this year was a perfect example of that.

We would like to thank Harrow School Enterprise for providing the festival venue, the sponsors who supported the Festival from its outset, the performers who bought their fantastic talents to the show, and of course our wonderful festival staff and members of public who provided the festival its constant buzz, exposure and international recognition.

We would also like to especially thank Spirit Young Performers Company, Sapnay School of Dance and Yuanfan Yang for dedicating themselves to the festival as our established industry performers. We likewise thank George Hennessey, Madlyn Dugué, Luca Cocco and Centro Studio Danza for their outstanding musical work.

Young Talent Festival is a member of Roxinford Education Group, a family of school and educators which has been engaged in teaching, teacher development and international cultural exchange for over 15 years.

Mr. Giovanni Rottura, CEO of the English Language Teaching enterprise Gallery Teachers, made closing speech of the festival, he talked about the necessity of investing in youth and the commitment of the company to continue to support events that benefit the community and offer new opportunities to young people worldwide.

Finally, we would like to thank Mr. Leon Zhang, CEO of KKCL and president of Roxinford Education Group. He is the founder and initiator of Young Talent Festival, and without him all of this wouldn’t have been possible.

Our aim is to develop this ambitious social initiative and festival to the point where it becomes known worldwide as a unique, global celebration of the young talent and arts. Please keep your eyes peeled open for the professional video coverage of the Festival to be released within the coming weeks.

The Young Talent festival set out to invest in youth, and we ended up with one of the most fantastic displays of performing arts that London has seen.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone involved.

Connor Mew

Festival Director