Being able to work in a new country and develop your skills is always exciting, and Romania is the perfect location for that.
More and more companies are opening offices here.

English is highly on demand in a Country with an emerging business market, and while teaching in Romania, you can visit and enjoy all the fantastic things it has to offer.

Amazing things to see and do in Romania

Romania is an incredibly beautiful country.
From the Danube delta, to the Carpathian mountains, a variety of amazing castles and the monasteries in the north of Moldavia, this is an extraordinary country with a rich history.

There are also beautiful beaches in Romania, so you will find a mix of culture and leisure that will appeal to everyone’s taste.

Furthermore, despite all of the stereotypes about traditional costumes, the Country has a keen eye for modernity.
Just to make an example, Romania has some of the fastest internet speeds in Europe, which makes it very interesting for the TEFL teachers that work online.

This is why Romania offers a great experience to anyone coming here for work and to enjoy life.

Documents you need if you want to teach English in Romania

Most employers that provide TEFL jobs in Romania usually require you to have a TEFL certificate.
It’s very important to get your certificate and then apply to the right TEFL jobs.

While there are plenty of competitors for every job, the truth is that you have higher chances to get a job in Romania when compared to other countries.

Aside from that, you just need a passport to enter Romania.
As long as you have a TEFL certificate, you will find it rather easy to get a job in Romania, provided that there’s a demand at the time when you are looking for it.

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The salary of a TEFL teacher in Romania

Most TEFL jobs in Romania will require around 25 teaching hours per week.
Normally, these jobs are paid on an hourly bases.

For around 25 hours of work per week, you can expect to get somewhere between 500 to 800 Euros every month.
This might not feel like a lot at first, but Romania has low costs of living.

You will earn enough to live here and explore some of our amazing landmarks.

Not having a full 40-hour per week job means you can also offer TEFL lessons online, which is very helpful if you want to increase your income.

Your entrepreneurial skills and how much effort you want to put your activities make an important difference.
In fact, there are qualified teachers that earn 1,500 to 2,000 Euros per month.

How much you get paid differs based on the student level, the kind of student (for example young adults or business people), the rate the school is willing to pay and many other factors, including the town you are based in.
If you are not pleased with the first offer you get, it’s worth continuing to search.

If you teach English in Romania, most of the highest-paid jobs will be in the larger cities:

These are the towns where a lot of foreign businesses migrate to find outstanding, yet affordable talent.

There is always demand for great TEFL teachers in the large towns in Romania.

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How to find accommodation in Romania

The best way to find accommodation when you teach English in Eastern Europe is usually online.
However, you can also go to a real estate company, most of the time they handle rentals too, so you will have no problem finding the right option to suit your needs.

Depending on the city you will decide to move to, the rent might be high.
Consider splitting the costs with a roommate, not only to save money, but also to start having friends in your new life.

Also, consider booking a temporary accommodation first, even if it is more expensive.
Then, while you are there and you start having contacts with people, you can search for a long term place that is closer to your place of work, or in an area you like.

Things to know before you move to Romania

  • Before you come to Romania, it’s a very good idea to find a place to live for a while, until you find a more permanent accommodation. There are many opportunities, including people who offer their own apartments only to foreigners.
  • The food here is delicious, but depending on where you want to eat, it can get expensive. Learning how to cook will help you save a lot of money.
    Vegetarian and vegan options are available.
  • Most international services work very well here. Uber is common in the larger cities, and you also have food delivery options.
  • The internet fast and reliable, which means you can teach online if you want.
  • The salaries might not be high, but the overall cost of living is low.

Find TEFL jobs in Romania

Start your job search while you are still in your Country to get a feeling on your next moves.
Use job boards like Gallery Teachers (if you are a school and need to place an advert, click here).

Aside from TEFL job boards, you can also check classified ad websites. There’s no shortage of TEFL jobs in Romania, but you must take your time and study all the options to get the best possible results.

Some helpful websites to start your job search in Romania:


As Romania is a growing market with many openings for jobs that require English, using your TEFL qualification teach English here is a very good idea.

Romania is also a beautiful place to visit, with a lot of variety and wildlife. You will learn new skills, and will have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies, in a place that is not yet saturated by the competition of too many English Teachers, unlike other countries.

This is one of those experiences you will cherish for a very long time.
Teaching English in Eastern Europe, and especially in Romania, will help enhance your knowledge, while also bringing in extraordinary opportunities!

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