Teaching has become a flexible profession that many are looking to join, and as a lot of people migrate to live in other parts of the Country for school and work, it is becoming important to be fluent in English.

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher of English as a foreign language, you should know that in Kenya there are two official languages; Swahili and English.

Although some population pockets can only communicate in their local tribal dialects, most urban dwellers speak and understand English.
If you compare to other nationalities around the World, Kenyans who have gone through the local education system are able to easily express themselves in English.

Teaching opportunities for the English language

Many people in Kenya, and especially the young learners, use Kiswahili as the language of choice for communicating, but there is need to master English for development and progress.
Apart from the fact that English is the language for teaching in all institutions, it is also a core subject in the curriculum.

A TEFL Teacher working in Kenya will ideally work in both private and public schools of all levels where English is taught.
Major Cities and Towns around the country play host to institutions of learning that offer the English language as an examinable course.

While the salary of a teacher in Kenya is not going to make your rich, most of those who are in the profession live comfortable lives.

For those who do not find work in the large metropolitan areas, opportunities are spread out in various rural areas around the Country, and a great way to spot language-deficient communities is to liaise with local NGOs.

Starting your TEFL journey

The first step if you want to get into teaching is getting a TEFL qualification.
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With practice and experience you will gain access to better and higher paid opportunities), accessing even to management positions, if this is something of your interest.
Working in another Country is often a rewarding adventure, because it forces you to stretch your mind and self imposed limits.

Find TEFL jobs in Kenya

There is a large number of Kenyans travelling to other countries around the World every year.
For those who are attending school in institutions that offer training in English, a TEFL certification is a mandatory requirement when applying for a course.

In my experience, a web search for TEFL jobs in Kenya doesn’t deliver many results, but it is a starting point for your search.
The main reason, in my opinion, is that when people advertise for job opportunities, they usually look for English Teachers, or Trainers with English, while acronyms like TEFL, TESOL, ESL and so on are mainly used in English speaking countries.

Check the current jobs in Kenya on our job board.

Making a Google search helps us to acquire the specific language we need to make our search more efficient.

It could be worth broadening your search with less specific keywording, and even looking for jobs that require a strong English, where your qualification makes a difference (for example, ONGs).

If you are focusing just on teaching, contacting directly the schools in the area you are going to live in is still a viable solution (while in the Western countries, it is more about online applications).
Ask them directly if they have any vacancies and supply teaching positions available.

Especially in the first stage of your search, consider spending some time with anyone eager to share information with you, so if you are able to get an interview in a school, it is OK if they don’t offer you a job straight away.
Use that opportunity to (mildly) ask for advice on how it works in the Country, if the documents you have are enough or you need additional ones, and what they would do if they were in your position.

Visiting a few schools will give you a better understanding of what to look for and what the Country has to offer to you, and this is precious information that you can’t get just by googling it.

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Kenya is a fertile ground for anyone who is looking to build a career in TEFL teaching.
Provided you have a combination of the right personality, certification, and network, landing a job after training should be quite straightforward.

Choosing the right TEFL course provider can be a tough one.
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