While most of the teachers and schools are focusing on Zoom classes to have students from everywhere in the World, people seem to forget that students are local and they are easier to get. But how do we reach them?

Gone are the times when companies promoted their business in expensive ways that didn’t bring any results. Nowadays, businesses have devised new marketing strategies to get customers for cheap, and we Teachers can learn from them to find students! 

Marketing can be an extraordinary tool for people who are looking forward to expanding their teaching business. Here are a few tips on how to use marketing to find students in your local area. 

Ways To Use Marketing To Find Students In Your Local Area

1). Word of mouth

As underrated as this one sounds, word of mouth is termed as one of the most effective ways of marketing and can spread like wildfire if done in a composed manner. To expand your social learning business and hunt for potential customers or students you need to let your intent out of the bag and let the youngsters who wish to work with you come to join you to initiate business dealings in all. Recommendation from a friend, a small pamphlet, a riveting poster. These small things go a long way in sourcing students interested in your social learning business. 

2). Freebies

First and foremost, marketing asks essential questions such as why do we need to market college students and what would excite them in the first place. For this intent and purpose, you need to source a local place filled with young minds and hand them out some freebies and local pamphlets to invite them to a commonplace or to know their needs and want to expand your social learning business. 

3). Flyers and Posters

Another tool to find local students in your vicinity is to print flyers and posters consisting of your contact details to be posted near places where you may see regular coverage and attention, such as local pubs, schools, libraries, supermarkets, bus stops and restaurants. Posters and flyers were one of the best ways to market yourself in the recent past (before the Facebook advertising era) and is still working well . 

4). SMS and email

Have you ever heard of SMS or email marketing? If not my friend then you are missing out big time. SMS or email marketing has expanded into one of the most credible ways to seek coverage and attention and can be one of the best contemporary ways to seek locals and interested students for your social learning business. You can either market your idea via sending SMS to prospective students or can also opt for an email containing ng advertisement of your service to have students contact you for more information. Work on the writing and grammar and make sure to infuse a personal connection via language to make the kids feel comfortable and more open to response.

5). Social media

You can always unlock the power of social media by using essentials such as Facebook and Instagram to post ads and invite attention for the same. Interested person can always make a Facebook/Instagram group or page where he or she can promote and list their social learning business ordeals to source local students interested in studying together. Hence utilization of social media is an absolute must for any person looking to find potential students for his business. 

6). Website

One of the most sought-after ways to source local students is to create an online course website. A website that consists of fully equipped functionalities displaying your social learning business and can get the coverage via virtual traffic can be a boon in finding local students. Marketing Your website that displays necessary details of your website can be used for promotion via Instagram and Facebook and can be further expanded with the help of word of mouth and flyers to get an instant surge of traffic and registrations done on your website. 

7). SEO – The real deal

Do you know the best way to target your audience and locals for your niche? It is through an SEO website. A WordPress website that is SEO optimized will make your website and its content pop frequently in the google search listing which increases your radix and makes your website become the leading search component in terms of social learning business and can also get your students who are wishing to get themselves registered with your course ideals. 


Marketing has always been a powerful tool. No matter what methods you decide to use and your confidence about promoting your activities, a small attempt to promote yourself is always better than no promotion at all. So pick up the methods you like the most, and don’t undervalue the students that are based locally!

If you have other methods to suggest and share with our community, please write them in the comments!